Made to Crave: {Week 8 – Making Peace With My Body} — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie! you left beautiful, encouraging words on my blog a few weeks ago, and I’m just getting around to telling you thank you. You really blessed me!

    “Define your week by obedience, not by a number of the scale.” Thank you so much for this wonderful truth! I can apply it to many areas of my life. It’s so easy for me to lose focus and fall back into performance rather than following the Lord’s voice, step by step. I love your perspective! This is something I hope to hold onto 🙂

    be blessed today <3

    • Thank you Caitlin.  So true about falling into performance mode.  I can tend to do that with everything I do in life.  Hopefully, I am learning to lean in and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit!  I’ll be praying for you.

  2. I’ve been reading through Made To Crave also, and this was one chapter that really stood out to me. I’m one of the “skinny girls” the book talks about, so weight hasn’t been a problem most of my life. But now that I’m pregnant I’m putting on weight a lot faster than anyone recommends. I try to eat well, and only when I’m hungry, but I’m still attracting the weight like a magnet–and I’m afraid it isn’t good for baby or me. The last month I’ve started obsessing about getting on the scale and seeing where I am multiple times a day (as if that helps!). 

    That chapter brought tears to my eyes as I was reminded that God is in control of my weight. It’s my business to obey Him and take care of my body and my baby with healthy eating choices. It’s God’s business exactly how many lbs that works out to on the scale. 

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for 5 minute Friday. 🙂

    • SophiaGrace, thank you for visiting.  I will pray and ask God to help you to make the best choices for you and your baby.  But please try to not worry about your weight.  I can’t bear the thought of you stepping on the scale every day.  You are pregnant and your body will put on weight.  Sure, there are probably healthier choices you can make.  I am going to ask Holy Spirit to help you!  I am here if you need an ear.  I’ve been there before – four times! 

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