The Weekend Brew: Arise and Shine! — 35 Comments

  1. gorgeous!

    i love the idea of women sharing scripture and insights together~
    blogging is such a  neat tool to encourage the body of Christ from all over the world..
    and having never met!! 🙂

    blessings to you!

  2. Hi Barbie, I just saw your comment at Loren’s blog and wonder if this is why we haven’t been connecting-you are now on Word Press. Since I haven’t seen you for ages, I’m thinking this must be the reason behind our missing eachother.  Hope you are well.
    In His Love, Noreen

    •  Noreen, thank you for commenting again. I’ve done some digging and just found your blog again. I’ve now added you to my Reeder so I won’t lose you again. I’ve missed you!

  3. Thank you for this, friend.  This morning was a rough morning for me (thanks to morning sickness), but this is a beautiful reminder that He has called me to arise and shine no matter what.  🙂

  4. I love photos of sunrises and this one is really beautiful. The parable of the talents has been on my mind of late and how we are not to hide the talents God gave us. We use them, not for our glory, but Hi.


  5. Hey Barbie, you are right…we have many opportunities to glorify God – i must remember this too.  Great photo from Ryan too!

  6. That is an AMAZING photo! Great job, Ryan!
    and what a perfect message to go with it.
    Yes, tomorrow when I rise, I’m going to strive to shine — for Him!
    To God be the glory…
    Beautiful encouragement, friend. Thank you!

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