The Weekend Brew: Bless The Lord! — 20 Comments

  1. Yes there is real power in praise and thanksgiving. i have to learn to be consistent in praising God because sometimes I am full of praise and then I forget for days at a time!

  2. I just discovered your blog and this link up through Scripture and a Snapshot – love it here! All the little coffee rings are precious, and especially appropriate as I sip my morning coffee and read. So glad to know you now. Also, I know what you mean about circumstances clouding prayer. Right now, I’m focusing on thanking God for my troubles as an antidote to anxiety, instead of just asking for relief. To be sure, I’m asking for relief, too, but the thanksgiving for everything is an important part that I forget. 

  3. First off, I got on your blog without a blue screen! yay!
    and this verse made my day. thank you 🙂 I’ve been singing the old worship song I know based on this psalm all day. love it!

    • Yay for no more blue screens. Sad that it was my lovely music player that was interferring, but hopefully my designer/music man will be able to figure that out. Sing away girl!

  4. This is the scripture I say almost daily, and have encouraged my daughter to memorize.  What better benefits could we ask for?  In a day and age when most are harping on health insurance, I say the Lord has the best plan of them all! 

    ~ Blessings  

  5. Barbie, the only way I am able to view your blog is through a different browser.  Google Chrome doesn’t work as the screen turns blue.  I think it might be  your music player but not sure.

    Anyway, I am not giving up on you friend.  You always have wonderful insights and a beautiful writing style.
    Blessings and love,

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