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  1. I love that you blog! Although this is an old post I still think it is perfect for me this morning. We need more bloggers like you 🙂

  2. Barbie, I love your heart. You share through words so beautifully. Yes, you ARE a writer!

    (For some reason, the last few times I tried to come to this site, I would just get a blank, blue screen. I’m so glad to be able to connect again in this space and read your words. You are an encouragement and a blessing.)

    • Denise, thank you so much for being diligent in trying to visit.  I had a little hicup but it’s all fixed now.  Thank you for encouraging me today.

  3. Such sweet words~ and I can’t tell you how many times you’ve been an encouragement to me on my journey! May God continue to use you mightily!!

  4. Hi Barbie,
    The November 2011 Write It, Girl was the first time I acknowledged and said I’m a writer, and not just someone who wants to write.  Write It, Girl was what gave me the confidence to do so. 🙂
    In Christ,

  5. Absolutely love this, Barbie.  I am always blessed by your words. Glimpses of Him shine through everything you write. I love the gentle nudges and the needed reminders that are wrapped in love…His love and your love for Him. Thank you my sweet friend and beautiful writer!

  6. Yay! Yes!!!! I read this Barbie and I want to jump up and down and cheer. I love that writing makes… a writer! I have met so many people, especially lately, who wish to write, who long to write, who want to write…some day… and I just want to encourage everyone I know to simply begin! I remember so well the beginnings of my journey–before I started–and how I longed to write. But sometimes just starting is all we need to do! Love this!!!

    • I remember why back nearly 4 years ago when I began this adventure, your blog was one of the first I began following.  It is people and writers like you that have kept me here, pursuing Him in my words.  Thank you!

  7. I absolutely love this: ” Yes, I write to be heard.  But to be heard so that you will hear Him more clearly!” Beautifully written!

  8. i think if we’re writing as the Lord leads us to, then it doesn’t matter whether we feel heard or not. because we’re being obedient and that’s what counts. then things like numbers and followers don’t matter. that’s where i want to be with my writing. it’s a struggle because i want acceptance, but still, it’s a worthy struggle.

    • So true Carissa!  For me, it’s no so much my voice that I want to be heard but that of the Lord’s through my writing.  I use to freak out over followers/stats or the lack thereof.  It hardly bothers me now, but I still have those days.  Which means I just have to keep surrendering it all again to Him!

  9. Love your reasons, Barbie. Love knowing your heart through your words.
    And yes, I’ve heard Him here. speaking to me. Encouraging me to keep striving.
    So blessed by you, the Writer! Thank you for inspiring me!

    • Thank you Nikki.  So thankful I found you in this big world of blogging!  Your words constantly encourage me and breathe life and hope into my heart.  Thank you!

  10. I hear ya girl! To feel like you have a voice and be heard, and do it all for Him! We each have our own unique perspectives and different ways that God speaks to us. Keep writing!

  11. Barbie, beautifully written.  I wish that I had such a gift of writing to glorify him, but I guess he gives everyone different talents.  That is why I come here, for your words, you inspire me.  After reading scripture or praying,  I also come and visit you online where you share your inspirations and when I read your posts it encourages me and leaves me refreshed, it’s like visiting a friend that shares the same love for him.  Remember when I was thinking of starting a blog just for him, I found that I was not good at weaving words for his glory. God bless your gift and thank you for sharing it everyday with us who sometimes need a little encouragement in our lives.  You are truly wonderful.

    • Dalia, thank you for your encouragement today.  I so appreciate that you read my words and that they touch your heart.  I love following your blog.  I love learning about crafty things as I am so not crafty.  And if you ever do decide to start a blog and write more, you will be wonderful at it I am sure.  Thankful for you today my sweet friend.

  12. Hey Barbie!  I’m finally getting back into the blogging grove and stopped by for a visit and sooo glad I did!  

    Your words here really bless me.  And you echoed my hearts desire so well….”Yes, I write to be heard.  But to be heard so that you will hear Him more clearly!”  My hearts desire is to express His boundless Love and Faithfulness and draw readers hearts closer and closer to Him.   While I was away from blogging I felt an emptiness in my heart.  I missed the precious encouraging nuggets of gold that sweet Sisters shared on their blogs……nuggets from the Heart and Hand of the One who loves us so!  God has entrusted us with a wonderful and powerful way of ministering to one another via blogging……..Sharing His “voice” through our blogs…..amazing!  It’s all about Him!!!!!  Glory to God!!!


    Love and Sweet Blessings!

    • Welcome back Jackie!  There is such a sense of community and love among the blog world, isn’t there?  I never knew what gold was out there waiting for me.  So thankful you are back!

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