My Shepherd: {Finding Peace In Psalm 23} — 7 Comments

  1. ah… I love think of the Lord as the Great Shepherd of the sheep… I am a sheep and I hear His voice… I love that I can follow the Great Shepherd and He will not lead me astray… This is a beautiful reminder… 

  2. I love this, Barbie! Us, the wandering sheep and Him our Shepherd….my Shepherd, so willing to lead me, but also to guide me and direct me back to him when I become distracted and wander.
    Thank you for linking up today!

  3. Love these thoughts! I have been coming back to that verse from John~ praying that I am able to consistently know his voice… and know that the other voices in my head are not his! It’s so important to be able to have that kind of closeness with him~ thanks for the reminder!

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