Along The Right Path: {Finding Peace in Psalm 23} — 5 Comments

  1. ” He cannot lead me astray…. He cannot lead me astray… He cannot lead me astray. ” Some days I need that on repeat.
    beautiful write, friend. I had to read it twice. and have nothing more to add…

  2. Beautiful verses. Isn’t it wonderful how God will guide us back onto the right path? When we foolishly go astray He is right there leading us back.


  3. I love the painting Barbie. And amen my friend! I never stopped to think about how He leads me to paths of righteousness. I love it!

  4. Love this!! such a beautiful truth…that He will only lead us on the right path…the righteous path! and so thankful that when I choose to stray, He will bring me back and with forgiveness and mercy continue to lead me!
    Thank you for joining me in this journey!

  5. Love these promises that establish me in my walk with Him… I do not have to fear — He will NOT lead me astray. What encouraging words and truth — full of grace and mercy. If it were not for the Great Shepherd, where would I be? I am thankful I never have to know…

    Blessings to you friend, as you continue on your walk to “feed His sheep”.

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