Five Minute Friday: Real — 28 Comments

  1.  To lose that mask…and just be who God created us to be.  That should be freeing right?  God give me the strength to be who you want me to be….no mask  Great write!

  2. Oh, the power of His burning love for us, for me. It is transforming me into the real girl He knows, no more hiding… finding myself in His eyes of love and acceptance, no one elses!

    There is no fear in His love… thinking on this today and daring to live in His love, set free from the bondage of fear! Thanks Barbie, beautiful words! 😉

    • His love always transforms.  Matter of fact, I cannot be transformed without it.  I am thankful for His gentle peeling away of the layers that I cannot get rid of on my own.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful how He loves us into taking off our masks? I can relate. A real encouraging write…thanks, Barbie 🙂 Blessings, friend.

  4. wow, i really love this.  when i was a senior in high school we had to write an about me poem and i wrote mine about “the face behind the mask.”  i drew masks on the final copy as well.  this has always been an imagery thing i connected with, and i can happily say that i hide a lot less often now than i did back then… still tempted though when i am feeling weak and insecure.  but! He is always there for me and encourages me to take it off!!  

    • I think I’ve worn them most of my life.  I find that there are still moments where I put them on, and run and hide.  But He always finds me.  He sees right through the mask, the core of the “real” me. He calls me out, from behind that mask, to walk forward, knowing He’s holding my hand every step of the way.

  5. Hi neighbor! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – enjoyed yours, too. That performance based mentality is a tough one to conquer. One that resurfaces in varied forms. Able to be real before Him, beautiful. Thank you. I look forward to these Friday Fives, reading the different perspectives, the different hearts of all these women. Fun!

    • Hi Maureen!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers through this link up, all with beautiful hearts for the Lord!  I hope we will connect again soon!

  6. I love this post…and I know this journey as well…I love His burning eyes of  Love…have a sweet weekend

  7. I do not have to do anything……He loves us, the messy, broken us and there is nothing we have to do. It’s been a struggle to accept that message and move out from behind the mask, yet when I do there is only healing. Beautiful words…..thank you.

    • Sometimes I think it’s hard because I don’t really know who that “me” is.  I am still learning to love and accept the person He created me to be.  It’s a journey, isn’t it?

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