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  1. Five minute Friday is always one of my favorites. By the way, thanks for the comments left on my blog: your 1st daughter’s wedding this month! I will definitely be in prayer for you for that 🙂

  2. Wow, incredible! You spoke the words I needed to hear today… see with the heart. How did I miss this? An absolutely beautiful 5 minutes, thank you.

  3. Is this your first time here? Or maybe a while? It is a beautiful, encouraging community 🙂

    Your words move me, compel me to pray with you the same — “open wide my eyes of faith so that I may see the beauty of You, Lord.”

    I love your heart…

  4. Barbie, you have such a gift for words even in this five minute piece. My prayer is also that the eyes of my heart would be opened to see things and people as He sees them.

    Blessings and love,

    • Oh my friend, I’ve missed you! Thank you for stopping by my space today. I am so behind in catching up with my favorites. Hope to visit soon!

  5. Too often when I wake up to dishes in the sink and laundry piled high, I see my failure, but I am learning about finding God in the drudgery of life, and there truly is beauty in the labor that we do. I’m thankful I have food to go on dishes and clothes to go on this body. I can praise God in the labor when I recognize what the labor means.

    • Oh I am right there with you my friend in seeing my failure more than His goodness. Praying our eyes are opened wide to His beauty this week!

  6. Oh yes, I sure do relate. It take a lot of effort, sometimes, to see past the dirt into the beauty. Just this morning I woke up with all of this work before me thinking how will I ever get it all done. Being gone from the farm for two weeks allows for a LOT of accumulating work like grass 2 feet tall, a garden only half planted, horses needing to be groomed and groomed, along with the ever shedding dogs and a house full of lively, active youth coming over for the weekend. There are floors to wash, rooms to prepare, food to cook, and the list goes on….not to mention the final exams to do and prepare for.

    Beauty, yes there is beauty in amongst all of this mess and sometimes, like you, I cry out to the Lord, ‘help me see the beauty in all of this. ‘

    Seriously relating to you this morning…

    • I referred to my home as a “pig sty” the other day, and the Lord reminded me that I must be thankful, even amongst the chaos. We lost our home 2 years ago, but He made provision to rent. We could have been homeless. Oh Lord, change my heart and my perspective.

  7. “Do not look with your eyes. Look with your heart.” What a beautiful thought, and if I could only do this more faithfully…

  8. Barbie…I love this…see with your heart… I wrote of my own blindness…He is faithful to give us new hearts and new vision…blessings as we wakeup to all the beauty He gives~

  9. You are just precious Barbie! You know — often when I grumble (when cleaning up after my family members) — I am often reminded to be thankful that I have them to clean up behind. It is a matter of perspective isn’t it? Love you.

  10. The piles of our home do make me frustrated. But it is life. It is living. And you are right, there is beauty in it.

  11. Oh, Barbie- I see much beauty in you dear friend! I woke up early myself and stacked the dirty dishes…there’s laundry piled in the bedroom because I got sidetracked with a writing project…actually two last night. But it is all beauty around us! Praying for you this morning!

    • Thank you my friend, and for your sweet comment on my Facebook post. I am realizing by committing to blogging my prayers each day, I jump in and the water is above my head. I am rethinking how I am going to proceed, while still praying!

  12. Beautiful, as usual. Such a well written look at what it is to be looking, searching and asking for his help.

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