I Lack Nothing: {Finding Peace In Psalm 23} — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve been meditating on “God, my Shepherd” this week and this blog complements wonderfully to what I have been learning from the Lord. Can I post this on facebook?

  2. i love this part.  i love the translation “i shall not be in want.”  i think about what it means to be in want and the fact that He will take care of all my needs and i will not be there because He is my good Shepherd.  great meditation for the heart to learn to trust.

    • I was just thinking this morning about something I “had need of”, and then I remembered that I have everything I need.  Reading Psalm 23 really puts that all into perspective for me.  All I really need is Jesus.  He takes care of the rest!

  3. Barbie, This is beautiful! I lack NOTHING! How could I ever feel sorry for myself? He is so faithful! Thanks for this wonderful reminder! 

  4. I love your thoughts on this piece of scripture! Matthew 6:26 is such a perfect verse to put it all into perspective….He takes care of every need of the birds, so why should I doubt that He would not provide for my needs as well?
    Blessings, friend!

  5. So encouraged by your words today!  I wonder why do I worry so much?  It is true – He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.  I need to trust that truth more.

  6. Hi Barbie,
    I lack nothing. 
    That is immense! I read a missionary story, (I now forget the name of the book and author) but he wrote on how God provided for him. He stepped out in faith to go to a very remote part of some jungle and deliver the Gospel. He had no money, no food only the clothes on his back and God provided every single step of the way. It was not an easy journey, but eventually, the whole community that he ended up witnessing to accepted Christ as their Savior and went from a hostile tribe to a very gentle tribe. 

    If we trust fully in Him we will lack nothing. 

    Blessings sister,

    • Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony.  I keep thinking about how I’ve not known lack like so many others out there.  God is so faithful!

  7. This is beautiful Barbie!  I cherish Psalm 23 and read it often as part of my quiet time with Him.  Oh how He loves you and me….providing everything we need and tenderly leading us along life’s journey….where would we be without Him!  

    Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

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