A Light In The Darkness: {Finding Peace in Psalm 23} — 19 Comments

    • Thank you Judith. My son took this photo. Many of my photos he has taken. Otherwise, I use lot of stock photos. Gasp, I know, but I am learning to capture beauty!

  1. Hi Barbie, I am back. Took a break from blog world to refocus on my first ministries as a wife and mommy. Thank you for sharing your heart about past depression. I have fallen short in the past and allowed myself to lose hope and feel down. Then I remember the Word of God and I am so elated with joy that I have Him. We are blessed beyond measure to have our trials because we know that He has His arm around us pulling us closer to Him.

    • Hi Shelley! Can you remind me again your blog link? It’s not showing it here in the comment. Thankful you’ve returned to blogging. So thankful he always has His arms around me, even when I fall short!

  2. Hi Barbie

    This is a lovely post… love visiting your site… it’s just so peaceful in here!

    Wendy @ ECTaS

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog today 😀

  3. i always enjoy reading your thoughts and thank you for sharing these
    verse that have helped you through your valley! they are just the
    reminder i need while in the midst of my own! blessing my friend!!

  4. He is definitely carrying me through this season of my Daddy’s death and now my Mom’s decline. She is going soon. It could be overwhelming without the Lord. He is good to us.

    • Oh friend, I think of you often. This is truly a hard season. I cannot imagine walking through it without the Lord. Strength, peace and grace to you my friend.

  5. Wonderful post..I too have suffered from severe depression. He held on to me and wouldn’t let go..His promises are true…Blessings <

  6. Thank you, Barbie. My youngest daughter is going through a valley and I am excited to share this with her.

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