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  1. Beautiful friend. It’s always such a breathe of peace when I stop by to visit you. I hope you are finding many moments to breathe in peace as the wedding approaches. Soak up the moments, they are gone in a flash. Thanks for this precious verse today. I’m claiming it!

  2. What a perfect and needed prayer. I found myself confessing that I’m not perfect to God recently. I felt His smile and gentle correction all at once. He is the perfect One. He’s the One I need to seek and gaze on always. (I think I’ve seen your name at my friend Jennifer’s Poem Life blog, and then I was just commenting at Laura’s Wellspring and saw you. . . so I came to visit:)

    • Thank you so much for visiting. I would love to visit your blog, but I can’t seem to find the link in the comment. I’ll head over to Jennifers and possibly find it there.

  3. What a powerful post and oh, so lovely! How much richer my life would be if I made Him the desire of my heart 100% of the time. It’s a daily struggle to keep the things of this world and in this world in their proper place. Thanks for blessing my heart!

  4. All He asks, friend, is that you KEEP on praying this prayer and seeking Him. He knows we will fail and fall short, but what He longs for most is a heart that continues to turn to Him. I love how you exposed your heart here and reminded each of us of such a beautiful truth. Thank you.

  5. just wanted to share…i always read your “Freshly Brewed Sunday” post before I head out the door for Sunday morning service! This morning this very verse was the one our pastor chose to use as the benediction! oh how I love when God hammers it home!! Have a beautiful week, my friend!!

  6. Hi hon,
    It’s hard sometimes. The flesh is so strong that sometimes I feel so defeated. Praise God He knows us and understands just how we feel. I am so glad Jesus went through temptation, He really does know the pull of the flesh.


  7. Amen Barbie! I need to pray that same prayer. He called me to come outside on the deck to spend time with Him this morning. The King of Kings wanted to spend time with me, but what did I do? i got distracted and wanted to “weigh” first. Then I had to record my weight. Then I had to make sure I had my post ready for today. Yes, I need to pray that same prayer.

  8. I love this picture and verse! I love your music. Where did you get the player at? Is that a WordPress gadget?

    • Hi Shari. The music player was put on my blog by my designer. It appears to be called “simple music” and is a WordPress widget. The music was created by Jared Kraft (my designer’s brother). I am not certain he’s composing for blogs anymore. I happened to win a personalize song for my blog. It’s beautiful and Iove it. You can find Jared’s site here:

  9. I understand exactly what you are saying Barbie, and pray the same way. Dana Candler’s books Deep unto Deep and Entirety talk about just this thing, the weakness of our love, the greatness of His, the desire to truly love Him wholeheartedly and to be equally yoked to Him in love. Have you read them?

    • Hi Elizabeth. I had just began reading Deep Unto Deep earlier this year. I only got to about Chapter 3 and was called to put it down to pick something else up. I can’t seem to manage to read more than one book at a time! However, I will hopefully be picking it up again and possibly starting a blog series. I emailed Dana for permission to use excerpts from her book a while back and she so graciously agreed! I’ve never read Eternity.

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