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  1. I just came from Encore and found you ahead of me. Here I am, wanting to say Happy Birthday even if it is late.

    What you choose to live by, I like to celebrate too, because I choose them too.

    Have a wonderful year ahead with joy, peace and abundance from our Father in heaven.

  2. Oh, I am so sad that I missed your birthday!! Happy Birthday my friend!! I SOOO love your new birth, such a beautiful post!!
    Loved this, “because as I lean in and I wait on Him, He colours my heart with the light of His Word, in vivid color.” Amen!!
    Can’t wait till Wednesday to see all the colours he is painting your heart with 😉

    • Thank you for being a constant encourager of my heart. I’ve been putting my journal pages on facebook, instagram and pinterest so far. Am asking God how/when/if to incorporate them onto the blog . Would love to. Just waiting for clear direction. Perhaps a monthly or weekly journal link up?

  3. What a timely post! I will be 60 on the 29th of this month and I have been pondering this milestone for months and months. I have reflected on the life I have lived these past 59 years and how I would like/need to live differently in the years I have left. What’s HIs plan for me for the rest of my life? I am seeking……………

    May you be especially blessed this day and thanks for sharing your heart and all the best on the journaling. I have kept a prayer journal for many years, but not really what I’d say a personal journal.

    Happy Day!

    • I think as we get older, it’s normal to evaluate our lives. My heart is to grow much closer to the Lord in this coming year. I am excited about the journaling. I filled 8 pages on the first day!

  4. Happy Birthday! I think you are giving yourself a wonderful gift. I have journaled with colour a few times and have taken sermon notes the same way. (BTW, I appreciate that you used the correct English spelling.LOL.) My kids love to sit next to me and see what my notes look like. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I’ll look for you on pinterest and instagram!

  5. First off – happy birthday! This was such the post I needed to read today. Can’t wait to read more and of course I’m loving your journals, pens, and colors. Your inspiration is just what the dr. ordered for me today! Blessings sweet friend.

    • I was so excited on the first day I couldn’t stop journaling and filled 8 pages. Today, well, I haven’t journaled at all. But there will be those days and I just move on tomorrow!

  6. In the Sunday School of my childhood we sang a little different than normal birthday song…the words were: “A happy birthday to you
    A happy birthday to you
    Every day of the year
    May you feel Jesus near
    A happy birthday to you
    A happy birthday to you
    And the best year you ever had!” HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BARBIE! XXOO

  7. I love it. The journaling. The colour pens. Journaling is such a beautiful way that God speaks to us. Okay, I have to ask, what’s the music playing? I love it. 🙂

    And Happy Birthday!!!

    • Thank you Denise. The music on my blog was professional made for my blog. The artist is Jared Kraft, and I actually won the song from a giveaway on his mom’s blog (Lynnette Kraft). Isn’t it beautiful. And I can totally picture my blog life every time I hear it!

  8. Happy Birthday, Barbie…I have to agree with God, and with Nikki…You are worth celebrating, and I love how you are moving forward into the awakening He has for you…you have many creative gifts…Hugs, and blessings, and may God continue to shine His love and joy on you 🙂

  9. Happiest of birthdays, beautiful Barbie! I’ve already told you — you are worth celebrating ! And what God is doing within you is certainly worth celebrating in color! Love this idea! Looking forward to seeing it unfold in your hands, friend. Hugs to you as I lift up my mug and thank the Lord for you!

  10. Happy birthday Barbie! When I first read the title of this blog post, I wondered if you’d be sharing about someone’s salvation. But I hear you loud and clear. I also think after an important event like your daughter’s wedding, there can be a bit of a let down. Btw, from all the pictures I looked at, it was amazing!

    I am one who journals and have done so for 20 plus years. I recently discovered a box of my journals and have been having an amazing time glancing through them. They actually have given me material for an eBook I am writing. It is about lessons from the dying for the living. When I worked as a cardiovascular nurse for many years, I dealt with many dying people. I chronicled so many of their journeys.

    Blessings and love to you. And I will be following along with you on this new birth path.


    • Thank you my friend. I’ve never really had the discipline of being consistent with journaling. It’s something I always desired to do. I am thankful God put this on my heart and am looking forward to my time with Him today!

  11. Happy Birthday Barbie! 🙂

    This sounds like a wonderful new journey and I love all the wonderful colours. I hope you have an amazing day, I am so glad you were born twice.


  12. Happy Birthday, sweet friend!! What a wonderful idea….i love to journal but have never really taken it to the next step of expressing it in colour!! I would love to join you in this endeavor!! i think it would be good for me as i struggle through this rough patch in my life!!
    Blessings, Barbie….have a beautiful day!!

    • Oh Kerri, I would love to have you alongside this journey. Sometimes it helps to write it down, those things we don’t express on the blog, you know? No pressure, but I will look forward to seeing the colours He places on your heart!

  13. Happy Birthday Barbie! I pray you have a wonderful day filled with people & things you love. And if the day isn’t what you hoped (as often happens), I pray you still see God’s hand in it all!

    Blessings to you friend! (I’m honored to call you friend!)
    In Christ,

  14. Happy Birthday, Barbie! I pray your day is full of joy and God’s blessings.

    I ordered my journal and those exact pens on Sunday. Can’t wait for everything to arrive. My journal is soft suede strawberry pink. 🙂

    Blessings to you friend,

    • YAY! I am so excited for this new adventure with God. I couldn’t wait to get up this morning. I just may have to do it again before I go to bed tonight! Love that you are taking the journey with me!

  15. Happy Birthday, dear Barbie! I am so excited that you will be doodling and journaling! I hope you will consider linking up your new inspired thoughts and doodles with us on Random Journal Day! I have not seen anything on Facebook yet, maybe I missed it- or am having a senior moment! I am a journal lover and so rejoice at your latest God inspiration. I also love your new pic! You look so pretty! And mischievous…lol! Like you have something wonderful up your sleeve or a secret you want to share! Enjoy your new birth and birthday! Hugs!

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