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Drops Of Beauty

God’s beauty is everywhere.  In creation, the laughter of my children, the lone bud bursting forth from the green shrub in my yard.  If I look with eyes wide open, I can see it.  It’s all around me, often catching me by surprise, springing forth when I least expect it.  Even in the midst of darkness and times of uncertainty, there is beauty to be found.

I wasn’t born with a green thumb.  Matter of fact, I cringe when I am given fresh flowers or a beautiful plant.  Such things in my home have been known to expire before they’ve ever had a chance.  Keeping flowers alive and vibrant takes work.  Their beauty and fragrance fills the space around me, yet it takes time and effort to keep them beautiful.

And although I have good intentions, life gets busy.  In the hustle and bustle of my routine, I forget.  I neglect to nourish the beauty that is all around me.  Plants that were once vibrant now lay wilted in untended pots.  Flowers once blooming and full of fragrance are dried up, their fragrance gone.  Yet even in what appears to be death there is still life.  There is still beauty.  I am reminded that if I wait, He will bring forth beauty once again.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
(Ecclesiastes 3:11a)

Beauty comes not always all at once, but in drops.

In drops of rain before the storm that washes away the flog.  Now I can see.

In drops of sunlight peering through the thick, dark clouds.  My eyes are opened.

In drops of water, just enough to quench the thirst that lays deep within.  I long for more.

These drops of beauty are as drops of grace to my withered heart.

This month I was given the opportunity to review two fabulous products from DaySpring’s Redeemed Outdoor collection.

The His Eye is On the Sparrow Birdhouse reminds me that God always sees me.  Even when life is messy, or ugly, or when I simply want to run and hide.  He brings drops of beauty through His constant protection and provision.

The Everything Beautiful Watering Can is a constant reminder of God’s drops of beauty in my life.  Not all of my plants or flowers have been resurrected.  But I know that by God’s grace, I can start again.  For He always redeems beauty, one drop at at time.

DaySpring is offering a 25% discount off all orders placed in the month of JULY.  Simply use coupon code JOY2012.

*I was given these products for free from DaySpring for the purpose of my review, as part of their (in)spired Deals program.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

6 thoughts on “Drops Of Beauty”

  1. SadieDear says:

    I had a green thumb til my son came along. But I’d love to have that watering can, anyway!

  2. Michele-Lyn says:

    Beautiful post here, but I was on another post of yours and now I can’t find it. It was about your journal writing, and you had a link to another site. Anyway, I love the idea of making our journals beautiful. I have been encouraging my kiddos to do the same. I love your heart as your pursue God with all of it! Blessings, friend.

  3. Debbie Petras says:

    My husband says I’m in love with the idea of cultivating a beautiful garden and growing fresh herbs. But I too tend to forget. Things like regular watering are important.

    I love visiting the Dayspring site. I’ll check out these items you mentioned.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Kelly Graham says:

    beautiful post with great reminders. thanks, barbie. this is really Carissa Graham. somehow i’m in my honey’s acct. oopsies!

  5. Julie Moon says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!

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