Five Minute Friday: Beyond — 40 Comments

  1. I hear your heart in this. It resonates so deep in my soul. I am holding tightly to this truth with you, while letting all else go, by His grace.

    “God looks beyond my failures and shortcomings and sees a woman deeply loved and valued.”

  2. Oh I am so glad God looks beyond! Thank you for the wonderful reminder of his love and acceptance of us and all of our messes.

  3. He loves me despite my mess….
    He loves me despite my mess….
    He loves me despite my mess…
    I need to hear that often, friend. So grateful when you remind me. Thank you!

    What a beautiful 5 Minute Write!

    still praying for you {{HUGS}}

  4. Hey, how did you get that beach picture of me on your blog? Just kidding. Thanks so much for inspiring me to look beyond all this mess (since there’s quite a bit to look through–just saying’). Have a great weekend!

  5. WOW yes! Kindred spirits, FRIEND! Beautiful! You are beautiful! Love that picture where did you get it from? Love, Traci

  6. Love, love this Barbie. Even though my life dynamics are different than yours at times I fail to see beyond the tasks to see the realization of the ways of God’s faithfulness.

  7. You are a delight to Him my friend (and to us). I have a hard time staying on top of my chores and I don’t work full-time outside of my home. <3 Bless you!

  8. Thanks for this precious reminder friend. I need to look beyond and see what God sees, see the positive, and to see what I can be. I hope you’ve recuperated from the wedding. Blessings girl.

  9. I found this post so encouraging. I have to remind myself these things, too– that the state of things around me isn’t a reflection of who I am, and that I am deeply loved by God. So lovely!

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