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  1. Beautiful! I love how you say, “I pull on the One who is enough.” Instead of forcing a smile or rolling up my sleaves, I can pull on Jesus and He will give me a smile and strength to continue!

  2. Sometimes life can seem so overwhelming. You are being honest and I love that. The important thing that you end this post with is you know where to go when you feel this way. Run to the Lord. He is your rock. He is the solution. Despite the challenges, He will get you through Barbie.

    Praying for you friend.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I sure prefer real. I’d feel right at home with your baskets of clean laundry and grime in the bathroom baseboards. I totally get it. And yelled at my kids? Never! (Not!) 🙂

    And I think… knowing how much we are NOT enough gives Him room to come in and do something. Maybe we’re supposed to remember this… that we are not enough, so that we can never forget that He is enough. Or something like that.

  4. Hi Barbie,
    I always appreciate your honesty and transparency, so I didn’t read this as a downer at all. I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we can admit we all have times when we feel like this. I know I do. And like you, I look to Him for my strength (and energy, patience, and everything else I need). He knows what we can handle and how much we can take, long before we know it of ourselves. I take comfort in that and find strength.

    Blessings to you,

  5. Oh, bless your heart! We’ve all felt that we were not enough in some area(s) but He is strong in our weaknesses and stands ready to pick us up and fill our cups to overflowing. If it’s organization, schooling, laundry, emotions, etc, HE is there and I pray you feel His presence in a mighty way in the days ahead. You are a blessing to many!! Hugs!

  6. (((((Big Hugs))))) Barbie, I am so sorry things are hard now and you are feeling so down. I wish I could fly across the continent and help you out. We need friends, girl. Friends! We aren’t meant to do this alone. Praying for you to have what you need! (hey- I used the same verse in my post today!)

  7. As I read this, the verse you referenced was going through my mind. Thanks for sharing what you were feeling. Visiting from Five Minute Friday

  8. This was NOT a downer. It’s a great reminder to keep my eyes up and not on me. I struggle in some of the same areas and God is gracious enough to cover me in His grace too. #selah we are truly blessed…we have the Word of the living God to wash and encourage us daily. And, we have eachother! So blessed to share this community with you Barbara. Be blessed today and always.

  9. I know the feeling. I keep telling my children God gave them legs so they can bring their laundry down. You would figure at 18, 12 and 9 they could do it. Oh life as a mom. I so appreciate your visit today and hope you will return!

  10. I love you being real. It doesn’t make me feel down at all. Quite the contrary. We are family in God and we can come along side each other — together in Him we journey — we are strong.

  11. Oh Barbie. I’m glad to know my baseboards and refrigerator are not alone. Ha. Life takes time. ;-). I’m so glad He loves us. Love you!

    • I was in sheer disgust by the site of it. I think I need to sign up for the Fly Lady or some type of cleaning plan that will remind me to do those things! Love you my friend!

  12. Wonderful post Barbie, not a downer but the truth. HE knows what is in our hearts and HE sees our real. I have been reading through your blog. Give yourself some grace sweet lady. It sounds like you are busy doing bigger work than folding laundry and wiping baseboards. HIS love and power will prevail allowing you to see that all you are doing is enough. Beautiful verse you selected. Thank you for your post and your blog. Was great to share a cup of coffee this morning.

  13. Romans 3:10
    As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one;

    Thanks for being real Barbie. We all fail and it is only through Jesus that we are made right. Keep looking to Him sister, for as you know, it is only in Him that you will find peace, joy and complete fulfillment.


  14. Great post. I wondered how I could possibly write about this topic without being a downer, and I never figured it out. Oh well, we can’t be witty and charming and upbeat with EVERY post, now can we? Praying for you. <3

  15. Oh, such a beautiful soul you are my friend! Your words encouraged me this morning through your bravery to be real and allow His beauty and truth to be displayed through you. You are so loved!!

  16. What is worth being if you can’t be real, Barbie. I see your heart here. I see how it longs for Him to do what you can’t. Fill all that’s empty. What a wise mama. And I can’t think of a greater lesson for your children to learn — this lesson of learning to lean on Him. For He will always be enough. even when we can’t…
    Hugs to you, friend! Praying like mad…

    • Thank you so much my friend. I pray that what I do, or don’t do, speaks volumes to my children about His grace, His love, His provision. Thanks for your prayers. Things are turning around. I will email you later!

  17. we are never enough but He is…always there to fill into holes in our lives. and I have not ordered my daughter’s curriculum either…I think I am in denial:) blessings as the Great I Am fills you with His love.

    • Ha! I am homeschooling my 7th grader while working full time. What am I doing? What I feel God has asked me. I will be using mostly LifePac curriculum and Teaching Textbooks for math. I am going to order the Science kit today, Lord willing!

  18. Wow. Not really a downer, just a little more serious. Two of us doing that today. Who would’ve thought? You’re right, there are days we don’t feel like we have enough of anything but He has enough, and will pull us through. Sometimes He pulls us kicking and screaming, but he’s always there for us. I love the word picture of your life. Laundry piling up? Sometimes I think my bathroom (which is where my laundry lands until wash day) is nothing but a dirty clothes basket.

    • After reading all of the responses I realize so many are feeling this way. We can link shields and build one another up. I think I will be signing up for one of those scheduled home cleaning things through the email. I need a reminder to clean those things I forget to clean.

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