Five Minute Friday: Story — 28 Comments

  1. Love it! “He had a purpose and a plan for my life.” Yes, each of our stories are full of purpose. Beautiful post my friend!

  2. You said it all, my friend.

    “He is still writing my story. And I get to take part…” Only one who has accepted grace and redemption for what it truly is can say that. And the words flow off of you in 5 minutes time. Beautifully. 🙂

  3. I love the simple truth here…yes…He is writing our stories…from before the foundation of time…I too just want to step right into the story He is writing for me…have a restful weekend…blessings~

  4. LOVE this, Barbie. HIStory is one of protection and blessings for you and your family. He is your shepherd and He loves you dearly. Don’t ever forget that.

    Love you, sister!

  5. This is so true, Barbie. Funny, my post is telling the same story (see what I did there?!) – or hoping to – from a slightly different angle. It makes such a difference to know we’re not the centre of the story, doesn’t it?

    Hope you wake up refreshed in the morning!

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