Living In The Light Of The Gospel — 2 Comments

  1. You make me smile, Kelli…and nod my head repeatedly….

    I’m not a photographer (though I’d love it if I could say I was), but God has been talking about light with me lately, too. More specifically, how you can’t capture light and preserve it. Light permeates in the present. So if I want to walk in the light, I have to recharge every day. Soak in the Word for the present. I can’t absorb it all in one day and trust I gained enough light to get me through the week….I’m rambling now. guess I’ll just have to write a post about it someday.

    All that to say thank you for reaffirming what He’s been showing me, too!
    And thank you, dearest Barbie for sharing your space with other women of Christ! Love you!

    • Praise God Nikki, isn’t it amazing how He speaks to us so intimately and how He uses community? I absolutely love your thoughts on walking in the light and recharging every day. Absorbing His light 😉
      You are such a beautiful soul my friend, I thank God for your humble example and for being such an encouragement to me!

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