A Letter To My Younger Self — 35 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie,

    Nice to meet you. I am hopping over from Scribing the Journey. What a tender poignant letter to your younger self. Thank you for the compassionate grace you showed here. May your heart be balmed by his deep love for you!

    Have a wonderful week.

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Oh be still my aching heart. I watch my girls going through some of the pains of their life and hope they know this message you wrote. Hope the aches will chase them toward their Father and not away. Thank you for your post. I visit sometimes on FMF and saw your button on LIvelaughrowe. Stopping by again as I knew there would be encouragement for a Sunday morning.

    • That is my heart, that God would draw these young ones close, that they would know and understand the depth of His love for them, so that they don’t struggle as I have all of my life.

  3. Wow! I wanted to swoop that little girl up in my arms, cuddle her and take her home to show her protection, love and care.

    So many children feel it was somehow their fault that they were not loved and cared for? It’s a lie straight from Hell. Such children, including you too Barbie were let down by those who should have loved, cherished and protected you (for whatever reasons they could or would not). They sadly failed in their responsibilities – not you!
    So sad that many young women look for love in the wrong places only to feel rejected and even more unloved as a result. Many of us can echo that lie of Satan and can remember as he beat our soul over and over again with even more lies and condemnation over our stupid mistakes. For some, like yourself, this is ongoing. Satan wants to hold you in his grip because he knows the damage your testimony of complete freedom will do to his kingdom… but enough is enough… and the cross is most definitely more than enough for Satan and his lies!
    El Roi knows the condemnation you experience Barbie and EL Rophi wants to heal your mind of these condemning lies. May you know God’s peace and healing this week and may Satan’s heal be bruised as a result.

  4. This brought back vivid memories of my own painful childhood, and my promiscuous, rebellious teen years. Beautiful. Barbie. Life giving words. Oh I pray that those we are able to reach by grace are spared some of the journey I lived apart from him…this also got me to thinking about a healing kind of exercise. Something to pray about. You so reminded me of how God was in my moments, but what if we invited Him to speak life into those areas, as we look back. Prayerfully ask Him about some of those moments and reveal His heart and purpose. Just a random thought…but you have me pondering, my friend.

    • There are so many that have walked this journey. I am so thankful for where He’s brought me. I get angry at myself at times, that I still haven’t fully released that part of my life over to Him. Shame and guilt will rob you of the best part of your life. I am getting there. So thankful for His healing! And truly grateful to know I am not alone.

  5. Truly KNOWING Him and believing we are loved by Him changes everything! Oh how knowing this has impacted every area of my life. Beautiful post Barbie. I had to pause for a moment to digest “God loves you”. I know it but every time I hear it it makes my heart sing. Thank you for stirring up that excitement in me tonight!

    • To think that the God of the universe loves me so much that He would have come just for me. My prayer is that revelation would sink deeper into my heart and I would no longer question.

  6. Barbie, I’m speechless at the beauty that is just pouring out in your story. Taken… there is pain in that jagged word, but my heart soared with so much joy, as you described how your True Love took you deep, deep in the embrace of His heart. And that is why you can speak to us all here, from this place of tender intimacy with the One who will always cherish you forever. Thank you for sharing this with us. So honored.

  7. You have me really thinking about what I would say to my younger self. That’s a hard one. You message is so true and I’m so thankful for it. He was, is, and forever will be there.

    So glad you joined us at WIP Wednesday!

  8. Love this, Barbie! I read another post linked there and found it super challenging. Your post is giving me a great pause. I think I’ll write my younger self a letter, too. Hope you’re having a great day, my friend!

  9. Oh my heart….

    I’ve always found comfort in knowing He’s not after my past. He’s after my future. He’s not asking me to look back, but forward towards Him–my prize. what love!

    beautifully written, Barbie. Thank you for using your story for His glory to help another. Praying we can spread this message of love wide. To the masses of little Barbies that are so desperately seeking!

  10. God loves you! He always has and He always will. I want every young, and not so young, girl to hear this, and not just hear it, but BELIEVE it! It’s a promise God makes to each one of us…and God does not break His promises. Not ever.
    Blessings Barbie!

    • That’s so true Laura. It’s the world that contaminates our hearts, leading us to believe we are unloveable. So thankful that there is never anything I can do so separate me from His love!

  11. Oh Barbie, my heart aches for that little Barbie. Yes you are loved by our God and you are also loved by many friends, including me.

  12. “God loves you.” Those are the greatest words we can tell ourselves at any age. A beautiful post. Thanks for sharing this vulnerable piece of your story.

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