The Weekend Brew: Rich in Mercy — 16 Comments

  1. His love IS vast–and even in my unworthiness He loves me. Mercy–so great, yet new every day. What a blessing this reminder was to me this evening.

  2. Friend I so love coming to see what you share here each week. It is by grace and mercy that we are saved…such an overwhelming thought sometimes. That He loves us enough to pursue us to lavish His love on us. Thanks so much for sharing this verse today and for hosting a place where we can gather together in His Word each week. Such a blessing!

  3. Yes, God’s mercy is so great. And His love…abundant and beyond what I’m capable of truly understanding. One day… one day I’ll “get it.” 🙂

  4. Amen Barbie. This is something I am crying out to God about. I want to really have a greater understanding of His love for me. I was praying in the Spirit the other day and then suddenly in English this came out of my mouth without me thinking a thing, “I want to know what love is. I want You to show me. I want to feel what love is …” Do you remember that old secular song? So that is my quest — to dig deeper into the well for this much needed revelation.

    Love you,

  5. Barbie – just yesterday I was thinking of my prodigal years and how, even though Jesus knew they would happen, reached across the spam of time and saved me. In spite of our mistakes, He loves us so much.

  6. Hi Barbie! Yes His mercies are new every morning! I have many health challenges right now, but I consider this one of the best seasons of my life! I’m sorry that my posts are not short! I just have too much to say!

  7. Wonderful encouragement that I needed to hold close to my heart tonight. It is so amazing how God gives you just the right words that others need to hear! Thank you! I love the look of your blog. Beautiful!

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