Dear Me….{A Letter To My Teen Self} — 17 Comments

    • Oh you totally should! You can link it up with Emily Freeman (if the link is open) or simply just write it for yourself. I’ve done two of these letters in the past month and it’s really healing.

  1. Barbie…what a beautiful tender letter…pain laced with hope…hope for a future that only God can bring…lovely…blessings to you~

  2. What a beautifully written letter. Do you just wish so badly that someone would invent a time machine to send these letters back in to our teenage selves 😉 This letter would have been perfect for me to read when I was about 17…

  3. Oh Barbie, this is exactly what my teen self (and my 42 year old self) needs to hear. I can so relate to these words. It is right inline with the letter I wrote to myself 🙂 Love your heart! You are beautiful!

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