Five Minute Friday: Graceful — 29 Comments

  1. Do you know, dancing is one of my most favorite ways to worship God? It is also my most intimate way. When I was 17 years old, God asked me to save all my dancing for Him. Which meant I was never to dance on stage. Here I am, the same number of years later and when no one is home and it’s just God and I… we dance.

    I love this. It is so special to me 🙂 Love you, Barbie.

  2. Simply beautiful Barbie! I love your description of your daily dance with the Lord. How important to yield to Him alone.

    blessings and love,

  3. Amen. Always that tension, caused by the pull of other things that are not God, pulling us away from Him, making us hasty, hard, and heavy on our feet. The desire to yield is the first step back to the grace-full dance with Him. Beautiful.

  4. Yay! You wrote! What beautiful words…
    God desires that my walk with Him be filled with graceful movement — light on my feet, always moving toward Him, moving at the sound of His voice. The Lord and I, moving together as one, flowing effortless across this dance floor called life. LOVE THIS! One day at a time, my friend! lovely post. I am off to Lisa Jo’s.

  5. that’s the neat thing about dancing – its beautiful, fluid, looking effortless – when we submit ourselves to follow the leader and not have our own way.

    as a dancer myself, i truly appreciated your perspective on today’s word.


  6. Yes, the only way we can move together as one, flowing effortless, is when we let him lead. I love this picture! How I want to move at the sound of His voice.

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