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  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog! Wow, you must be busy with working and homeschooling. Hopefully you can find the support you’re looking for. There are lots of choices out there!

  2. Chrissy was remembering this song today too. =) Love your thoughts on the ocean. It’s been a long time since I stood at the water’s edge and gazed into eternity. WHEN I do so again someday I shall think of the deep and wide love of my Father!

  3. I’ve been to a few sites and they both have this same theme. The width and depth of God’s love for us. It’s something so many of us think of and yet we will never truly grasp it, it’s so immense. Lovely reminder of His love. Thanks.

  4. Oh, what memories I have of the song Deep and Wide, in fact, I was just singing it recently with my Granddaughter and showing her the hand motions.

    Great post Barbie, as always!

  5. I see that we are in one mind and in one accord on this thing! You explained it beautifully!

    Love how that same scripture is in your blog header!

  6. I started my Five Minute Friday off with this song, too. 🙂 Must be a children’s church/VBS staple.

    It’s so hard to comprehend God’s love for us, especially when we are surrounded by so many people that let us down, change their minds, and decide they don’t want to love us after all. I’m so glad He gave us His Word so we can constantly be reminded that His love is true love.

  7. Beautiful post, Barbie! Your words flow easily and your imagery is so powerful. I, too, want to “ask God to open my heart to receive His love deep and wide for me.” Thank you:))

  8. As I was writing my post on this word WIDE, that is the Scripture verse that came to my mind too Barbie. It can be overwhelming when we consider how much He loves us.

    Blessings and love to you my friend,

  9. Barbie, that is the exact verse that God gave me as soon as Lisa-Jo ‘s prompt came into my sight! The Holy Spirit is so amazing in revealing God’s Word! Love the ocean thoughts…yes, my friend the ocean reminds me of the width of His love! Wish I could have a coffee with you and chat and visit…your blog is looking lovely with all the changes here and there. I am hoping to link up again SUnday- it has been so crazy and sporadic lately. Love and hugs, Happy Friday!

    • The ocean is a great visual of the vastness of His love, isn’t it? Thank you for the comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. Would love to have you link up with Fresh Brewed Sundays again any time!

  10. As soon as I read the prompt that song popped into my head 🙂 Praise God for his wide, long, high, deep love for us that is beyond our comprehension! Happy Friday!

  11. i love the song that has the line “how vast beyond all measure” or the other one about the sky being a scroll and the seas containing the ink, we still could not write to describe adequately the love of God.

    lovely post today; thank you!

  12. hi barbie, this was the topic i was going to write about too. good thing i didn’t:) i agree with you. i love looking at the ocean and thinking about GOD’s love for us. yes, I live in TX now, but i grew up and lived in south FL for many years. i do miss the ocean! seems to put me in my place somehow.

    • I’ve already seen two posts with this topic, one with the exact opening lines as mine! His love is so vast. It hurts my brain to think about it. Have a great weekend!

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