The Weekend Brew: God Is Love — 22 Comments

  1. I don’t know that any of us can really comprehend His love for us. It’s just amazing and I know I’ll never be the same because of it. Hugs to you Barbie!

  2. Hi Barbie,
    Can you imagine what it is like to live without love? No love at all, ever. That is pure hell; eternal separation from God, who is love Himself.
    Beautiful verse to be thinking about.

    Thanks so much for hosting Fresh Brewed Sundays. I really enjoy reading all the scripture verses that God is laying on so many hearts.


  3. This is my first time stopping by. Thank you so much for letting me join in. I’m so glad that God IS Love….and He loves even me!!!

  4. Oh I so struggle with really knowing the depth of His unconditional love, too! Thank you for the sweet encouragement tonight. & thanks for hosting this neat community.
    grace&peace, -l

  5. Amazing, He can, not love us because He is love…what a powerful truth…praying it sinks in deep into our souls…hugs, Barbie 🙂

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