The Weekend Brew: Light of the World — 14 Comments

  1. I love the Scriptures you shared Barbie. It reminds me of the children’s song ‘This Little Light of Mine’. Hugs to you friend.

  2. Do I shine like that? No. Do others see Jesus when they see me or read my words? Right now- probably not. But God is not the author of chaos and confusion. I pray to be a light for Him. Thank you for that clear image.

  3. Barbie, your photo is such a wonderful complement to the Words from Scripture. And the words always make me think of the wonderful song we taught our children, “This Little Light of Mine.” Somehow as we become adults, we forget to shine for Him. May we be more mindful of this during the coming week.

  4. I have missed you my friend! You have been a testimony of God light to me and I am grateful for your heart that loves the Lord and continues to allow Him to work through your life and faith. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Jennifer. Today I needed to be reminded that He adores me, as I’ve been feeling the pain of conviction. I am thankful, but it can cause me to crouch low…needing Him to lift me in His arms. 🙂

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