The Weekend Brew: Reconciled to God — 25 Comments

  1. It is no less than amazing what can be done if we just listen and follow His leading and not what the world tells us. I haven’t heard of this movie, either, but I am so glad that there are those like him in this world.

    • I want to follow Him every day. Yet most days I feel as if I step out with my own agenda. Striving to lean in closer and get His heart before I take a step. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have not heard of this movie, but will look for it! Long time prayers for one who is getting older, having health issues, has been on my heart this week. Praying so much for him to finally understand and hear the Lord’s voice calling, to know his tender arms carrying him, have the hope of eternity. And God’s words of assurance that He is using prayers beyond my imagination. This turned my Sunday thought to a this prayer perspective…and yours is an echo to my heart! Thanks, Barbie! – Pam,

  3. Oh, wow, Barbie, I had not heard of this movie. It looks very powerful. I will have to check into this, thank you for the recommendation! And thank you for sharing your beautiful words-your beautiful art.

  4. i loved this movie! i totally cried. God is so good beyond what i can even expect or anticipate. i want to own a copy of father of lights. reconciliation initiated by God Himself is amazing!

  5. Going to check out the link for the film when I get back from church. It sounds wonderful and like something that would really speak to me. I sometimes struggle with judging other hearts. I don’t mean to, but it sort of happens before I realize I’ve done it. So thankful for God’s grace and mercy. 🙂

  6. This movie sounds so encouraging and the description you have given reminds me of The Cross and the Switchblade” by David Wilkerson.

  7. wow, that trailer is powerful and reading the about page…thanks for sharing, Barbie…praying for greater boldness…blessings 🙂

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