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  1. My mum told me once that she pondered on where her awareness of God stemmed from as a child. She grew up in a non-churchgoing family, and yet always felt God’s hand on her life. She awoke at 3 in the morning one night with a clear vision of a long-forgotten memory; of kneeling by the bed with her mother, as a wee small girl, repeating her bedtime prayers. It was this simple act that first developed in her an awareness of, and the need for, a relationship with the living God, our father in heaven. Now that I have two wee girls of my own, I am using simple nighttime prayer to introduce them to God, and the person of Jesus Christ. We read the Bible and sing, but prayer is an intimate conversation with a loved one.

  2. This book of Gina’s looks fabulous! We’ve sought to teach our children how to pray by showing them how to use scripture and music with their prayers. They have a lot of fun with this and we’ve found it really good for teaching them about spiritual warfare as well!

    • I fully believe in scripture and music mixing with prayer! Thus why I love the House of Prayer so much. Good luck in the giveaway!

  3. Landing here after following your kind comment over on my blog and so grateful I did! I’m challenged to do more than just model prayer and lead my children in it, but to teach them to exercise this gift for themselves.

  4. Hi, my name is meredith and I am a mom of three. I am always looking for ways to expand my kids’ prayer life. I use a variety of ways to incorporate prayer into every aspect of their lives. Currently, they really enjoy a jar full of popsicle sticks with different people from our lives that we may not ordinarily think of on a daily basis. They choose a stick and pray for that person. We go to the “prayer jar” before homework in the afternoons, sometimes in the evenings, and when we are just having a difficult time focussing on tasks at hand. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  5. I never really thought about teaching my children to pray just speaking their hearts to God. Just by watching us do it and encouraging them to too. I would love to win. Thank you for this giveaway!

    • Dawn, praying that the Lord gives you creativity in helping her connect with Him. Sometimes, it just overflows when we are connecting with Him– I am in a season of asking God the same for my children. – Gina

    • I’ll be praying for you my friend. I know that God restores, so I am asking Him to restore your daughter’s relationship both to God and to you.

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