Five Minute Friday: Race — 26 Comments

  1. a totally different take on race that i had, but one i love just as much! i hate the racing around – the rat race kinda racing! i want to be present in the moments and enjoy the life God has given to me.

  2. Stopping by with 5 minute Friday. I really enjoyed my visit to your post and your site. It is beautiful and inspirational. I will be praying with you for us both to remember to keep it slow.

  3. Hi Barbie – thanks for visiting & commenting on my first FMF post yesterday! I liked your take on “Race” too & it was a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us or to not be running so fast that we miss the opportunities that God might have for us along the way – so good! And I agree with Nikki – my comment does feel so pretty! 🙂

  4. Yes, yes, yes!!
    No wonder we’re so kindred…

    let’s savor long whatever time holds….the time of today. we won’t even worry about tomorrow 😉

    (and look at you with your minor enhancements! my comment feels all pretty!)

    • Thanks my friend. I am still having my designer tweak my blog. It’s a good think she loves me! I’ll be savoring beauty with you this weekend.

  5. This was my first Five Minute Friday experience… so glad I jumped in and played along! I am loving reading all the different posts today… I loved how you can feel yourself begin to slow as you read this post… the “oh yeah… I sometimes forget to breathe” revelation! The line you wrote that says, “But life itself is not a race. Life should be savored. Breathed in. There is so much beauty to behold.” rings true with my heart… the call to slow down, to count, to see… to savor!
    Thank you!

  6. I loved your take on our word: race. You recognized the need to slow down and not miss out on those precious moments. I also participated in FMF this morning on our word race. I love reading others posts to see what direction they race towards. 🙂

    Blessings and love,

    • Thanks my friend. I’ll be sure to visit your post, if I haven’t already (I am so tired I can’t remember)! Have a beauty-filled weekend.

  7. you expressed this beautifully…amen to it all. Counting all His graces to me has slowed me down…slows me on the inside…therefore it slows me in actions. have a wonderful weekend…may it be filled with a slow pace and His beauty.

  8. This is only my second 5 minute Friday but I do like it – one of the things that I like is that we can all say the exact opposite and yet still be true! I started my post with ‘life is not a race’ and yet here you are saying ‘life is a race’. I appreciated your thoughts – we can run too fast and there is indeed a cost.

  9. Wonderful post. This theme is a great reminder to embrace the moments we have been blessed with. We race towards something that we don’t have and forfeit the here and now. I know I do it way more than I care to admit. But, like you said, there is so much beauty to behold. Thanks. 🙂

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