The Weekend Brew: Hope In His Word — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie!
    Yes…I know this waiting thing. I’ve written about it a time or two, also. Just when you think you’ve got it….there’s still more to learn. In the end….it means there’s more of him and less of me. It’s all good.
    Every time I visit your blog I think….this is such a pretty place. Just wanted you to know. Also, today’s post (10/21) is password protected. Is that accidental?
    Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

    • Oh Diane, I so appreciate you and your encouragement. More of Him, and less of me. That is the cry of my heart.

      The password protected post was an accident. I thought only my guest writer for tomorrow would be able to view it. I put it back in draft and it will go live tonight!


  2. Yes indeed, that is where my hope must be. Thanks for hosting the linky.

    Unrelated, I am curious about the giveaway post at the top of the page requiring a password.

    • Ha! The giveaway post is actually a guest post/giveaway that will run tomorrow (Monday). I put a password on it so that the guest writer could view it. I didn’t know it would actually try to post for everyone to see 🙂 I’ve put it back in draft. It will go live around 10pm tonight!

  3. I am in a season of waiting – big time waiting – in several situations that I really have zero control over. My brain keeps telling me He has a plan and He knows what is best…but my heart sometimes has a harder time with it 🙂

    • I completely understand. It’s in these seasons where we grow as we learn to lean on Him and wait for His perfect timing. Praying that He comes and wraps His arms around you and strengthens you in the waiting.

  4. Hi Barbie!

    I usually find waiting along the lines of excruciating, ha! …but I have also found those times to be times of extraordinary growth, and quite often…Joy! as I breathe slow and trust in Him.

    Lovely post 🙂

    • Excruciating, oh yes, I completely understand. But I have been learning to breathe Him in. He is my peace during those times of waiting. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. thanks for the encouragement, Barbie. I’m waiting on Him this morning, with the hope that He never dissapoints. Bless you in your waiting, my friend. XO

    • Oh yes, He never disappoints. I think about those times when I feel disappointed in the waiting. But I realize that my heart is not fully aligned with His during those times. Have a blessed week my friend.

  6. Yes Barbie, I am in a season of waiting. It has been a long season (over 5 years) but very close to the end now. This coming month (end October/ beg November) is a crucial stage. If you feel led to pray, please pray for justice, truth and mercy to rule the outcome.

  7. Barbie, I am heading off to bed but so glad I read your scripture before I turn in for the night. You have no idea how perfect the verse and thoughts are along with it! You know I just read a great quote in Jesus Today about Waiting for hope…it was beautiful. I will be sharing it on a post it was so profound but your post lines up wonderfully with what I need for the moment. Sweet Dreams!

    • I love when God does that. So thankful He spoke to you through my post. He is faithful to always meet us at our time of need.

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