I Believe In You — 6 Comments

  1. Barbie, thank you for sharing God’s heart with me. The timing of this post is perfect for my circumstances. I just attended a Heart to Heart women’s retreat last night (only for the Friday evening portion) and God revealed big, scary stuff to me. A direction He wants me to go. Public speaking. Eeek! I feel so unequipped for that calling. But as He revealed this to me, He also said “You need to go deeper. You need to pull in closer to Me. That’s how I’ll prepare you for the task.” To read these words this morning is like hearing Him comfort and confirm to me that He wouldn’t ask me to do it if He didn’t believe in me. He knows I have a heart for sharing His glory with the world. With Him there to guide me, I CAN do this.

    • I am thankful that God always meets us when we need Him to. How exciting what it is He’s speaking to your heart. I will commit to pray for you. I know that when our hearts say “yes”, even a weak yes, God just explodes in us. So excited to see what is in store for your future. And, I know you have this ability to communicate His heart. I know He will give you the words.

  2. Barbie- I have been in a difficult place this past month- and your beautiful posts from Jesus have been a spiritual life-saver- thanks SO MUCH for listening so well and for all the might good encouragement- they are a blessing INDEED.

    • Marygems, I am so grateful to know that your heart is being ministered to by my posts. May He continue to fill you to overflow and encourage your heart. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I so appreciate it.

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