I See You {Day 4 – Coffee Talk With Jesus} — 18 Comments

  1. Love this post today; and I really needed it. Living in a country away from all of my friends, but being part of a mums/toddler group where I don’t feel like one of the group, this speaks to me so much! Thanks for writing it.

  2. Oh Barbie! You have NO idea how much I relate to this post. I actually wrote one at the start of the year, on this very topic ( To hear/see that I’m not alone in this struggle of finding balance between wanting to be seen and fear of being seen, so uplifts my soul. These are words I need to read…like daily.

  3. Barbie, I can so relate to the feelings described here. I’m oddly an outgoing type of person, yet there are many times when I’ll sit in a room full of people that are friends and feel the only time they see me is when they’re judging me. It’s weird. This was beautiful. Thank you.

    • Oh Rosann, I struggle with those same issues. Always feel as if people are looking at me with judgment and not acceptance. May God deliver us from this false identity and clothe us in His truth!

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