I Will Hold You — 14 Comments

    • I am so grateful Cyndi. It’s so wonderful to know that we have a Father in heaven who loves us more than earthly father ever could. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Two things:
    1. That cup of Yum is calling me very loudly!
    2. Growing up without a Dad made the presence of God real to me as a child although I was unsure about so many things. But I did receive the powerful memory and impression of His very real presence. Eventually I got to meet my real life Dad and also accept my Father in Heaven’s love for real. Now I have both of them! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

    • My girlfriend told me today that these yummy photos of mine were sinful! I am so thankful that God’s presence was so real to you as a child. I had a dad, although emotionally distant, and didn’t have God in my life until I was 20. And how wonderful that you got to meet your dad. God is in the restoring business!

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