Tear Down Those Walls {Day 6 – Coffee Talk With Jesus} — 13 Comments

  1. I was thinking the same thing,, all these devotionals would make a great ebook. Thanks for writing them. You have a way with words that really touches me.

  2. Barbie another beautiful post. I love this one so much because I still have some lingering pain of all that occurred this summer. A perfect reminder this post that God does hear our cries and knows when we put up walls.

    • Oh Maria, I am praying for you. He does know when those walls are up. And He stands close by as we work through the tearing down. He is faithful to bring you through.

  3. …turn our mourning into dancing. I LOVE this! One of my favorite songs is “we will dance” and it talks about dancing on streets of gold with the Son of man.

  4. Barbie I love these devotionals you’re writing! I have my coffee in hand while ‘m reading them. 🙂 You need to put these together in an ebook, just a thought.
    Have a great Saturday friend,

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