Five Minute Friday: Quiet — 33 Comments

  1. Dear Barbie, you made me think of Susanna Wesley and how she would put her apron on her head to tell her 12 kids that she was having a moment with God and to let her be…love your creative laundry room prayer…praying God fills you with His quiet and peace in the midst of your blessings/kids

  2. I hear you – a mom’s work is never done. I also know [in my head] to appreciate all that comes with ‘mom work’ because it will end too soon – but I hear you and I understand. The longing for quiet. The ache for a small square of space to not be touched or talked to. The calling out to our Heavenly Father – who doesn’t ever feel that way about us the way we sometimes do about being a parent. The picture you chose to reflect quiet is amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart – hang in there, keep looking at that heart on your wrist. You are marked as His!

  3. Aaah yes… the refuge of the laundry room! No one – and I mean NO ONE – wants to go in there!

    I love your prayer – so sweet and pure and powerful… such a great reminder that we don’t need peace and quiet OUTSIDE as much as we truly need it INSIDE!


    • Oh I still pray in the shower. I gotta take advantage of every nook and cranny where there is the absence of little ones (as well as teens)!

  4. Yes, as a mom we clock in, but never clock out! That can be so hard sometimes. Stealing those quiet moments are so good for our souls. Thanks for your encouragement, Barbie! Blessings!

  5. Oh, the Laundry Room! One of THE best prayer closets, ever! I’m so glad you are able to get some quiet there. I can so identify with that “mama’s work is never done” feeling. That’s when I need run right to that laundry room and get quiet, too.

  6. Mindy is right, they do grow up quickly, but I can remember feeling exactly as you describe. And at that point in time, it didn’t really matter that eventually all would be quiet!

    Your prayer is beautiful. Can you copyright a prayer? Maybe you should find out! Seriously, it is beautiful.

    Hugs my friend~

  7. I should try hiding in the laundry closet and praying. My family would never find me there, lol. I love this reminder. Thanks friend, it’s a beautiful thing that we have a God who comes into our everyday and meets us within all the noise and chaos.

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