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Inspired Blogger: {Rosann @Christian SuperMom}

I am thrilled to introduce you to my January Inspired blogger.  This is a woman who has encouraged my heart over and over again.  She is full of faith, and shares openly and honestly about the places she’s been and where she’s going.  As my husband is going through a very difficult season of unemployment, her blog, Unemployed Faith, has been a God send.

I am sure many of you already know Rosann, but if you don’t, you will want to get to know her and visit her blogs.

Without further adieu, meet Rosann of Christian SuperMom!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a corporate auto finance girl, turned stay-at-home mom, blessed wife, and passionate follower of Jesus.  Only knowing of God, but not really knowing anything about Him or even a single word of scripture, I first opened a Bible and started studying it at the age of 26. I didn’t start in the book of Genesis either. Psalm 91 was the first passage I read as my would-be fiancé received dire news of his declining health. His only hope? A heart transplant.  Instead, the first of many miracles God would show me over the years, occurred.  I witnessed my man boldly claim the words “God has already healed me.”  Two weeks later he walked out of the hospital leaving his cardiologist scratching his head in disbelief.  And thus began a decade of life-altering events God used to develop and nurture my faith.

How long have you been blogging and how/why did you start?

I started blogging in February 2011.  I’ve always loved the creative process of writing and I really felt God was calling me to share my story of motherhood, marriage, and faith.

What is the purpose of your blog?

I have a strong desire to share God’s love and light through my testimony.  I want readers to know they aren’t alone in their journey.  Motherhood isn’t always easy.  Marriage sometimes gets put on the back burner.  Faith is a daily take-up-your-cross kind of choice.  We all face similar, yet unique challenges. I believe we should strive for excellence in the areas of life God has called us to, for His purposes and for His glory. So regardless of whether I’m writing for Christian SuperMom or UnEmployed Faith, my purpose is to minister to others, be they in the midst of a major life uncertainty or a simple day to day frustration.

What do you most enjoy about blogging?

Connecting with people! I love when I get an email from someone sharing how the words God placed on my heart really touched or encouraged them.  Plus writing is a great creative outlet for me and I find it helps keep me grounded and intentional in the Christian life I want to be living.

What are you passionate about?

Oh goodness, there are so many things God is showing me I have gifts or passions for besides loving my family.  There’s running, gardening, photography, writing, cooking, and reading, but at this point in my life, the greatest is the huge heart I have for my UnEmployed Faith ministry. I’ve walked the very same path and I understand how overwhelming the emotion and fear can get.

Who or what inspires you?

I think I’m most inspired by those who passionately follow Christ’s lead in their lives regardless of how frightening His “calling” might be.  I also tend to be strongly driven for success when it comes to sharing God’s word through ministry (not for my own glory, but for His), so when I see success stories of people I believe are achieving that goal well, it’s very inspiring to me.

Tell us something random about yourself.

I’m a very girly girl so people are often surprised to learn I was in the military at age 18.  For three years I frequently wore army boots and camouflage, kept my hair in a tucked French braid, never wore makeup, and I absolutely loved boot camp…particularly the physical and mental discipline challenges.

Will you share with us one of your favorite posts and what you love about it?

This one: When God Plants the Seed of Crazy in Your Heart.  It was a guest post I wrote for another blog a while back.  Being a runner, I chose to parallel life with running and share the valuable lessons learned – to always be purposeful, equipped, and disciplined.  I guess you could say it’s my motto.

*     *     *     *

Thank you, Rosann, for sharing a little bit about yourself with my readers.  It is an honor to share my space with you.

Rosann Cunningham is a Christian Author, wife to the man of her dreams, and stay-at-home mom to two delightful little girls.   When she’s not out for a jog or having giggle fests with her daughters, she can be found writing for her blog ChristianSuperMom, and ministering to women whose husbands are in a season of unemployment, at her other websiteUnEMPLOYED Faith.  Her writing inspiration for both projects comes from a strong desire to glorify God while sharing the heart of her journey through a life of faith.

12 thoughts on “Inspired Blogger: {Rosann @Christian SuperMom}”

  1. Rosann says:

    Hi Barbie! Thank you so much for this honor. I so appreciate you and it encourages me to hear I’ve encouraged you along the way. I absolutely love how God orchestrates the most amazing friendships. One day when I’m in California again I hope to be able to meet you in person. 🙂 Love you, friend!
    Rosann recently posted..The Best of Christian SuperMom 2012

    1. Barbie says:

      I am looking forward to that day my friend!

  2. Suzanne Blair says:

    Great article. Rosann has been a great inspiration for so many. Her articles and web site are truly a blessing.

    Thanks Barbie for showcasing Rosann and her wonderful talents.

    1. Barbie says:

      You’re welcome Suzanne!

  3. Natasha @ Christian Mom Thoughts says:

    I love Rosann’s blog…thank you for featuring her! Rosann, I am really surprised about the military! That must be why you have so much discipline to run. 🙂
    Natasha @ Christian Mom Thoughts recently posted..3 Simple Ways the Birth of Jesus Changed the World

  4. Lea says:

    Love to meet new christian bloggers and I’m off to meet Rosann right now. Wishing for you a wonderful 2013 and praying your husband finds employment in these difficult times. Hugs to you!
    Lea recently posted..A Southern Christmas Affair ……..

  5. DedraC@SimpleOpulence says:


    I think it is so awesome that you feature inspired bloggers on your blog. While I am just finding my way around all of the blogging “in’s and out’s,” it is really encouraging to see how much community is being built because of lovely persons like yourself. Rosann seems like a person I would like to know. I am going to be checking out her site soon.
    DedraC@SimpleOpulence recently posted..My Psalm 27 Prayer

  6. Nikki says:

    I know I’m late at getting over here but had to give a great big **YAY** for having two of my favorite people in the same place!

    Loved getting to know you more, Rosann. I didn’t know about the fatigues 🙂
    Nikki recently posted..I Wanna Live Like That {Radiate}

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