Monday Morning Meditations: {Romans 12:18} — 20 Comments

  1. Hi, I popped in from the Monday Meet and Great. Peace like a river restores the soul. I love peace like a blanket that relates to me more. You are right that we make the choice to live in the peace that the Prince of Peace freely gives us. Great post.

    • Thank you Jane! I am truly thankful I found you, I believe through Stephanie! I am enjoying the link up, and getting to know you more!

  2. “put on peace like a blanket” sigh** warm it up in the dryer too. I like how you phrased this. Thank you, Barbie. And thank you for linking up with us at the Meet & Greet. So glad you could join us.

  3. Beautifully expressed, the timing caused my to gasp and then laugh out loud. Were you in my weekend with me? Oh, the overwhelming struggle to get to a place of peace! Almost there, but your words, the reminder of Truth is a bridge for me to that place. Thank you! Love, Miki

  4. Hi dear Barbie
    Yes, my friend, His peace is like an embrace that keeps you in perfect peace and quiet deen inside even amidst the havoc taking place around you. It truly is peace that beyond the mind to comprehend! Oh, His goodness is just beyond words!!
    Much love and hugs XX

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