Preparing My Heart for Christ: {Love} — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, dear Barbie
    This is what everything is about, isn’t it! Us receiving the Bread of Life and then living in His spiritual Canaan everyday. In Him, allowing Him to live His life of love, peace and joy in and through us.
    Thank you for this series, dear friend, you must do something similar again. I enjoyed this so much. I don’t know what went wrong with my link-up today. It is surely the gremlins!!!
    I want to wish you and your dear ones a blessed God-filled Christmas.

  2. Oh Barbie, I am rejoicing with you. It can be too big for me to wrap my head around too. I’m sure I won’t ever truly get it on this side of heaven but I can still say, with confidence, that love came down just for me! Loved this series! Merry Christmas!

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