Five Minute Friday: Afraid — 37 Comments

  1. Love that verse so much…what a great perspective that He is always the Light, even when we can’t see. Thank you for sharing! Blessings. 🙂

  2. Barbie, this beautiful reminder brought the song “Marvelous Light” to mind. I find myself running into His Marvelous light anytime my fear threatens to swoop in.

  3. Barbie….so good to reconnect with you again over here. I love your 5 minute piece today. I am reminded of why I love to read your blog when I’m reading blogs. Hope you are doing great. I look forward to reading more. Saw you are homeschooling….hope that’s going well. I have a friend who posts a lot about Home Schooling on my sidebar you may want to check out. Soli Deo Gloria. She has been at it for a while. Take care!

    • Melody! Thank you for leaving a comment so I could too reconnect with you. I am heading over to your place. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Thank you, Barbie. You’ve inspired me to check out the five-minute Friday action. And you’ve reminded me that in the midst of fears, trust in God is always bigger and stronger than what life throws at us.

  5. Our stories are so similar. I’m confident that WHEN we are given the opportunity to sit face to face, sharing and living life together, we’ll feel as though we’ve known each other for years.

    You words always inspire me.

  6. Thank you for this post. Next week I will also write a blog about be afraid and Jesus. I like it and you helps me. Sometimes I am axious. I know Jesus is with me but …

  7. Hi Barbie
    Yes, dear one, what a glorious day when our Lord Jesus’ comfort breaks though the darkness of our fears. And He truly expells all fears for there is no fear in love!
    Much love

  8. My son went through a very hard time when he would have the worst dreams and nightmares and his thoughts would just run to all kinds of scary things. He didn’t want us to turn off the lights and he would constantly get up terrified by the thought that we were all going to die or some other horrific catastrophe. And I could never 100% promise him that nothing bad was ever going to happen but I could pray over him and help him to see that God brings light into darkness, even the hardest scariest times. He sleeps like a baby now. A huge lumbering, snoring, man boy baby.. but still. He has found peace in that. This reminded me of that. A beautiful reminder, friend. Thank you.

    • I have found in those dark places of fear that all I have to do is but whisper the Name of Jesus, and the darkness flees. What power in prayer and in His Name! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I must confess sometimes I am still afraid of the dark. Even after I have loved Jesus with my whole heart since I was eight years old! Then I feel ashamed for being afraid of the dark and get all wrapped up in being afraid of being ashamed and being afraid of anyone finding out I am ashamed of being afraid. Yes, I know… relentless cycle.

    I am so grateful you brought up this precise topic.. the fear of the dark.
    Sounds silly now, reading my words. :~)

    • Oh I get this! Most often when I fear, I feel guilty for feeling that way and I too get all caught up in the “feeling of fear”. So thankful for a God who knows and understands our human weaknesses. Have a beautiful weekend!

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