Five Minute Friday: Cherished — 29 Comments

  1. Beautiful! Oh how He loves us… even in darkness and blindness and woundedness and despair… He has been there all along and desires to love us into His Light! Reading this post made me think of Hosea… especially chapter 2 – for it is that Chapter that the Lord first revealed to me the unchanging passionate love He has for me… and how even through the hard times, He sings over us and draws us near!

    • This really encouraged my heart today. I love that the God of the universe sings over me, rejoices over me, delights in me and draws me near!

  2. Barbie, I’m so sorry. You are such a beautiful sister in the Lord and your words are crafted so beautifully, penetrating the heart. Praying God’s grace and God’s love extinguishes all the hurt…that joy flourishes. Blessings.

  3. Oh, Barbie!! I wish I was sitting across from you, sipping tea (or coffee), listening intently, rejoicing greatly. I appreciate your forthcoming words, words that connect to all of us in some way.

    Thank you for sharing your heart through words, sweet friend!

  4. Barbie, your words are a breath of fresh air – a reminder that there is life after the cherish promises are broken. Life in Him. And this line is beautiful – “He promises to take this broken soul, this wounded heart and hold it in His hands until His strength becomes my strength.” My heart responded to reading that!

  5. Dearest Barbie
    What a beautiful declaration of endless, unconditional love from your Lord and Bridegroom from heaven! Yes, dear one, He is Truth and His words will always be the anchor of your heart.
    Much love XX

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