Introducing The Weekend Brew — 16 Comments

  1. I don’t read all your posts daily, and usually get caught up at the end of the week. I do love how almost every time I go to link with you, what I have written before I read your post coincide with each other, or are on the same theme. or like this week I had written something and wanted to post it instead of a scripture picture, and looky here it fits. Ahhhh God is incredible. I am so glad you listen to Him and seek Him. Thanks for all your encouraging words!

    • Beautiful Lisa, I pray that you will link up with The Weekend Brew. I am having linky trouble, but please try! Love your heart!

  2. Dearest Barbie
    I am so honered to have been part of Fresh Brewed Sundays for a little while, but I am also looking forward to be part of your new link fom the beginning! Thank you for your generous heart!
    Much love xx

    • Thank you friend. I’ll be late getting the link up. Had a child with the flu last night, and was called into work today, which was supposed to be vacation. But I will get it done soon!

  3. I am going to try to link up when I can…I love that you’re opening it up for the weekend, giving us a little grace :). I have chosen a weekly Bible reading plan rather than daily this year because I just know I’m going to have those days when I miss (i.e. can only get a brief quiet time in without extra time for lengthier reading), so it’s great I can make up when I have more time & energy.

    I pray your new plan goes well!

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