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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with ‘Word for the Year’ Your testimony has inspired me to continue and let God be God in my life. To accept the journey and whatever circumstance I find myself, I know God will see me through.

  2. oh my sweet friend…i have missed you so!
    i simply love your new blog design and what a wonderful word for the year!
    i too was uncertain of my word this year until the morning of Jan1st….it’s actually 2 words…be still
    maybe one day i will share the journey…for now, i will wait upon the Lord for direction and guidance
    bless you, Barbie!

    • Kerri!!!!!! So excited to see you here. I think about you all the time. I temporarily lost your package. Gosh, will I ever get it to you. God has perfect timing. It’s in the garage I’m sure! Praying for you and hope you are doing well!

  3. Oh I love your word very much! I also love the story of your assuming the word was “Simplify” and God showing you it was actually “Simply”. So beautiful! I look forward to reading more!

  4. My heart was filled with expectation as I read your word for this year. Simply love, live and give. Praying for endurance and joy as you walk this journey. Sending you great big hugs my friend!

  5. This was such a wonderful post. Since I am new to blogging (under a year), I am glad to see so many embracing the new year and seeking God. I was also given a focus for the year and it is obedience. No matter how much I pray and ask, this is the word I was drawn to. I look forward to following your progress.


    • Thank you Sophia for stopping by. I love your focus, obedience” this year. That is something that I want to do as well, be obedient to Him in all things.

  6. Your new look is beautiful and perfect for who I perceive you to be! Simply is an awesome word (theme) to pursue in this brand new word. God began whispering the word “restoration” into my spirit (along with renew) about a month ago and then planted it firmly over Christmas as my world flew into absolute chaos and I began pleading with Him to work in my life to restore the years that I have allowed the “locusts” to steal, kill and destroy. (More details in the last couple of posts on my blog if you want to know how to pray with us.) And so … restoration it is! =)

    • Beth, I will certainly be going back to catch up on your posts. God is a God of restoration. All things are possible with Him. Bless you my friend. Oh, my new blog design isn’t up yet. But it will be soon!

  7. Barbie- I love it! And I love your dialogue with God to see if it should be simplify.
    Simply love, simply live, simply give- beautiful!

    My word is Stand (which is not my natural bent, I’m more of a rest and reflect person!)
    Praying for your year and all that unfolds.

  8. Great word, Barbie! Such good reminders to just BE. In Him. In the present. In the moment. Without striving for things that don’t matter.

    My word for this year is NEW. I’m ready to let Him make me what He intended for me to be all along.

    Blessing to you this year!

  9. I don’t think I have a word…yet, but I love your choice. All of my goals for this year involve less expectations of myself. I love a God who doesn’t want me to beat myself up all the time. God wants me to strive to do the best I can all while praising and praying. I can’t wait to see the new design.

  10. Don’t we all long to do all of those things simply, friend? How often we complicate it all when He never intended that for us. I am so looking forward to everything He has for you in this one word. I know what you share will impact my life as well as your words always touch my heart. Blessings and much love!

  11. I think it’s SIMPLY wonderful that the Lord whispered such a wonderful word to you. What a great word! If I was to wish for a word to use for 2013, I might almost go for the same one! Oh for a SIMPLY lived life, which I have missed… maybe the Lord will walk with me in this. A happy, prayer-filled 2013 to you, sweet friend! ♥

  12. I love reading all the great words that bloggers post for the year! “Simply” is straight to the point. Mine for this year is “Steadfast”. I just posted about it on my blog. Praying the Lord blesses you with many opportunities to simply love, simply live, and simply give!
    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  13. Hi Barbie,
    I can see ‘constant’ being a great word for you this year.
    I am still listening to Father for a word and a verse for me this year and I still haven’t heard.

    Be blessed sister,

  14. What a SIMPLY beautiful word to lead you through your next year of life. I think is one word that will lead you down many unexpected paths of joy and growth. Thank you for sharing it and your light with us.

  15. I’ve been doing the one-word focus for some time and love it, but I had forgotten to choose one this year. It’s easy for me though. It’s encourage. My goal is to encourage someone every day this year and to record the results. Can’t wait to see your new look, Barbie. Blessings on your year of living simply. It’s a great word!

    • Melanie, you are an encourager! I love that you choose that word. Speaking life and hope into others is a wonderful gift. Thank you for stopping by!

  16. I have never chosen a word before, but everyone always talks about it, so I’m excited to give it a try. This year God kept bringing to mind the word “balance”. So, I think my word this year is “balance”. I need to learn and focus on balancing my life. Spending time with God, family, work, and other responsibilities. I don’t know how this will play out, but I know God will reveal it to me!

    • Cheryl, I love your word! Balance is definately something I strive for with being a full-time working mom. Praying that God will reveal more as the year goes. Thanks for stopping by and for reading.

  17. This year, for me, is one of Intention. Last year was the year of simplicity and purpose. I loved your post today and look forward to continue reading your blog as you explore “simple”.

  18. Love this Barbie and I simply love you!!! And I simply love reading your blog!! And I simply thrilled to be able to call you my friend!! I am loving your word!! As you can see!! My word is new…

  19. Your message is wonderful, SIMPLE yet very meaningful. Maybe we should all hold the SIMPLE things of life more closely to our hearts. {{hugs}}

  20. Dear Barbie Friend, I have two requests that I have asked Pappa for this year, the one is for Him to draw me into deeper, deeper levels of love for a deeper intimate relationship with Him becoming more, more and more, and me, less and less!

    I am quite excited about your neew weekend link- up.

    A wonderful Godfilled 2013

    • Thank you Mia! Be watching for a post tomorrow for the details about the new link up! May God continue to draw you into deeper intimacy. Happy New Year!

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