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  1. Thank you barbie!! For reminding us we arent alone i struggle each day trying to choose my words to be like Christ or at least his image, in this fallen world trying to be a child of God and holding your head up high when people u trust betray you it isnt easy i have used words and thoughts but pray Gods grace turns it into forgiveness, because bad company (im not perfect either ) corrupts good morals.

  2. Barbie,
    I just love reading your words and can’t thank you enough for linking up each week! (sorry it took me so long to make my way over here, but I’m so glad I did!)

    I loved this: “…will I choose to have my own way and inflict pain on others by my words?” Boy have I asked myself the same thing MANY times this week! Thank you for reminding me that my words are always my *choice* and that I must lean on the Holy Spirit to control my tongue.

    • Thank you Jane, and no apology necessary about the later visit than desire. I completely understand. I am still visiting commenters from a couple of weeks ago 🙁 I am so thankful God led me to your blog. It’s been a huge blessing. Thank you for inviting me into your community!

  3. The book of James is always a killer for me to read. My tongue and I have gotten into a lot of trouble over the years. I’ve been in the book of Proverbs recently and am being reminded over and over again about how dangerous ill-chosen words are to my relationship with others and God.

  4. I am the same way with my words and my tone. And it does reflect what is going on in my heart. Praying that I seek the Spirit’s control and work in my heart so that what I say reflects Him. Important truth here today!

  5. I love your honesty Barbie! I once heard that when we get kicked, we are sometimes surprised by what comes out. I have to admit there have been times when I was surprised by what came out of mine. 🙂 But yes, we are to abide in Him and allow Him to control ALL in our life. For me, it comes back to my one word: SURRENDER.

    Love this and you,

  6. I do the same thing sometimes. Sigh. It is so frustrating. I wrote a post a week or two ago about giving someone the cold treatment. I knew if I opened my mouth more I would say horrible things in anger. Of course, I was trying to punish with my cold treatment too — so my heart wasn’t pure, that’s for sure.

    God’s mercy amazes me … and we all fail at times.

    Bless you!

    • So true! Sometimes when we choose to keep silent it points to what is in our hearts that we are afraid to say, because we know it’s wrong.

  7. Did you ever notice that when you are around those kind of people, you seem to pick it up? Like when I hang out with mom friends who snap at their kids, or speak too rough with them, i start doing it to my kids without even realizing it. You don’t want to be that person who rubs off negatively on other people and makes them snappy at their kids. We all do it, but the wise momma/wife realizes it and works on bettering herself. And apologizes. You have NO IDEA how many words I wish I could take back. Sometimes my mouth and brain get in mixed-up order.
    I am new at linking up and a rookie blogger, so this might not work.

    • So true Jenni! As the saying goes, “bad company corrupts good morals”. I don’t want to spend my life wishing to take back things I’ve said. Thank you for dropping in and sharing your thoughts. I’ll be off to visit your page!

  8. Hi Barbie,
    Such a good and important word for all of us. Like you pointed out here the reason we lash out is because there is a root issue that needs to be dealt with. One of my issues is cleaning, I really hate doing it. There is only one aspect of cleaning that I don’t mind doing and that is vacuuming and even that is a learned thing to not mind. Because I detest cleaning so much I tend to get snappy when I notice others in my household leave a mess or make a mess in an area that I just cleaned. This bothers me, the fact that I get so snappy and grumpy. I have been wrestling with this for over 20 years and I have only improved a bit. What I am learning is there is a deep, rooted issue here that needs to be dealt with and what I am discovering is, I am not lazy, like I use to think, because I LOVE to clean a barn or work outside in the garden. I am very wild at heart and want to be free to fly and twirl. Cleaning makes me organized and contained, tied down and if I am not on top of the house it falls apart and the mess gives me anxiety. This anxiety, I haven’t discovered the reason yet as to why this happens. What Father is teaching me is patience and to react without harsh words. As I grow closer to Him and He is removing all the debris in me I see that Luke 6:45 speaks volumes on how much I am willing to totally trust Father, His Word and how deeply rooted He is in me. He is teaching me to pray before I speak and even sometimes I will run to a spot by myself and stomp the floor or throw a towel, (that usually helps). Then I can come back and address the issue in a better manner.

    I love you Barbie, thanks for sharing this.

  9. Oh, wow. This really speaks to me today. I have a tendency to let frustrations pile up and then *BAM!* I explode. I was reprimanding my 2.5yo yesterday for talking back to me and we got into a loud argument because neither one of us wanted to relent. He finally said, “Mommy, don’t talk like that!” and I realized that if I want him to talk to me in a respectful way, I must do the same. So, yeah, this is an area I’ve been struggling with lately. So timely!

    • Oh Leann, our children have a way of reminding us to be Christ like don’t they? We are works in progress, but we will get there, with His help! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. What a great post. I was just talking with a friend the other day about the fact that as wives and moms, we are the heart of our home…. we set the tone for our homes. Without my daily Quiet Time to start the day, I’m sad to say that tone is usually not a warm one. And as they say — every negative thing we say requires eleven positive things to smooth over.

    • So true Kim. I find on those days when I miss being with Him, no one wants to be with me! Have a blessed week. So thankful for your friendship in this big blog world.

  11. Many of us are guilty of harsh words, not only harsh words but words in general that should not be spoken. I have an issue with this, often I asking myself, “why did you say that?” There is so much power in the tongue, we should always watch what we say. I continually ask God to help me control my big mouth! Blessings Barbie, it was a great message that many need to focus on. I know I do!

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