The Weekend Brew: Enter His Gates — 25 Comments

  1. I love to praise, too, Barbie. And as you’ve faithfully written, there are times it’s easy to enter into heartfelt praise and thanksgiving, and there are times that it’s not. In my experience, in times that I don’t feel rejoicing, I praise and worship still, as you’ve mentioned – to honor Him for who He is, for His majesty and glory. And I found out that – if I do it sincerely despite of, His Spirit will descend to bless me!

  2. Oh Barbie, I totally agree with you here. There are definitely seasons where it’s so much easier to enter into God’s presence with a beautiful and gratitude filled heart and there are other seasons where it really is much harder to do. I believe those difficult seasons are the times God truly meets us right where we are, not because we’ve asked Him to be near, but because He loves us so much and knows our need before we are able to express it.

  3. I really struggle sometimes with feeling worthy, even though it’s easy to accept Him. Isn’t it amazing to have someone accept us just as easily? Jesus is good!

  4. Beautiful post and picture to go alongside. It was a blessing to read your words this morning. They ring so true whether we are worshiping corporately or privately. God bless you

  5. Hi Barbie I’m glad I saw your post on the Fb group. Thanks for the invite. I hope this post is acceptable. 🙂 I’m always looking for more places to encourage and BE encouraged.

    It is so good to remember that everything is a season. Sometimes I’m so hard on myself for not being on the same journey as I might have been a month ago. Usually it’s not only spiritual seasons but weather for me. Hoping to remember to always choose joy!

    • So thankful you stopped by again and commented. I left a comment over on your blog, and am so excited I can read it in English! Google Translator is way cool!

  6. When my children don’t know what to pray or journal, I always tell them, start with giving thanks. Prayers and praise will come quickly after you remember all God has done for you already. 🙂

    PS I see you’ve changed the theme of your linky. Next week I will post something different 🙂 I posted too soon! Love you!

    • Oh friend, this post is totally acceptable. I haven’t been very clear in communicating the guidelines. I wanted to open it up, so photos with scripture, or longer posts, all accepted! 🙂 Thank you for your friendship.

  7. Hi Barbie,
    The presence of God is a glorious, wonderful thing to behold. I live for the presence of God, to just bask in His amazing love and soak it all in. How nice the prayer team focused and mediated on this. 🙂 I wish I was with you. It is a joy that at the same time I just can’t get enough of yet fills me up to over flowing all at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful word.


  8. The ‘danger’ of attending a large contemporary church – with all the lights and big screens and professional sound is that this truth can get lost in the smoke and electric guitar! 😉 (I’m only partly kidding!) I LOVE this reminder… to enter in – on purpose, with purpose – to give Him all your worship! Thanks for reminding us!

    • Ha ha, so true. Thankfully, we don’t have huge screens and flashy lights. But our worship is amazing and if I’m not careful I can get caught up in the words and music and leave my heart on the side lines. Have a beautiful Sunday!

  9. Great reminder that He is indeed always worthy! No matter what is going on in our lives, He is always constant and is always praiseworthy! It is such a blessing to open that gate and enter in…

    Blessings, Joan

  10. There is so much to be thankful for, even during the hard, frustrating, not-so-great moments. I’m so thankful that He opens His gates for us! Thanks so much for the encouraging post, Barbie! Have a blessed day 🙂

  11. Love this post. Love the reminder that praise in the time when we don’t much feel like praising is our sacrifice at the altar. And second, love that you touch on CHOOSING to come into His presence. My quiet time today reminded me that I’ve allowed busyness and distraction into my life this week, and the effects have been clear. Hugs to you today Friend…..

    • Thank you my friend. I’ve truly had to walk these words out today, reminding myself that it’s a choice to enter in to give Him praise, in all things! Have a blessed Sunday!

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