When One Word Becomes A Life Goal — 28 Comments

  1. Barbie, Thank you so much for sharing this post with me. Love love love it! Makes my heart sing when I hear how sisters in Christ let themselves be still, still and open to the Holy Spirit. So Awesome!!
    Thanks to for commenting on E2g, it’s such huge encouragement to hear from readers.
    Much love,

  2. Barbie, your word/words today are so deeply profound and so simply written. 😉 You have such a gift of encouraging and inspiring a soul to just breathe in His beauty and truth. Loved this: “Isn’t that how God works? When we surrender and cease from our striving, when we rest and put it all in His hands, He speaks. At least that’s when we can hear Him the best.” This is SO unbelievably true my friend! Once we finally surrender, then and only then can we hear Him… this is how I found my word also. Ask my poor husband who was on the search with me… word after word after word until finally I came to the same conclusion as yours and then it came in the night: Live. It is of course growing into more than what I thought it meant for me, but into what He meant it for me.

    Amazing, what a blessing you are…

    • I love how God also brought your word in the night season, when we had nearly given up, yet when we surrendered, there it was. I love our our words are so closely intertwined, yours to “live” and mine with “simply” — together we shall “simply live” for Him! Love you my friend!

  3. This is so lovely. One of my dearest sayings is “live simply so that others may simply live.” Perhaps it will resonate with you at some point this year in some way. It was part of a week long mission trip I went on where we worked to simplify and be simple in our living. Great stuff. I wish you simply the best!

    • Thank you Karen. Yes, that quote, “live simply so that others may simply live” resonates in my heart. I am pondering that that means for me.

  4. Hello!
    Love the word you chose. It defines how we should live…”Simply.” When we take a good look at are busy lives, we realize that we are are doing everything, except living “Simply” in His love. Thanks, for dropping by my blog. Glad to have found you! ~Cynthia

  5. I love this word, Barbie! If we would all return to “simply”, our lives would be more loving, I really believe. I’ll look forward to seeing how the Lord works this out through you this year.

  6. I love how God speaks when we stop demanding his voice. Simply is a fantastic word–and I like the way you unpack it. May your journey into Simply be more wonderful than you can imagine.

  7. What a blessing and I thought of you today while in Target! Weird I know but you came to mind and I thought of how your word is simply and 8 am so glad we are simply friends;) you didn’t have to e-mail me back but you did, you didn’t have to respond to any comments but you did!! You simply loved me! Thank you!

  8. Dearest Barbie
    When I read this I got goosebumps for I also asked Pappa for a word and all I heard was “in Christ”. I thought this could not be right for I asked for one word and I heard two … so I shrugged it of. Now with your few words, it is confirmation that my two words were indeed from Pappa! Thank you sooo… much, my friend. Yes, for me it is to learn only to live in Jesus … to abide in Him, allowing Him to live His life in me!
    Bless you, dear one with an extra blessing XX

    • Oh yes, my friend, “in Christ”. I love that God brought you confirmation through my few words! Be blessed as you continue abiding in Him!

  9. Visiting from Faith Barista Jam – and so glad I came by! I love your “word” for 2013. I may need to copy and paste it, and your explanation about it, into my journal. Good thoughts to think on … thanks!

  10. Wow, what a thoughtful blogger. 🙂

    Life lived simply reminds me of Mica 6:8 He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.


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