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  1. yes!!! something i am truly learning…to abide in Him…to stay for a while and just “be still” (my word for this year)…to just sit and hear that still small voice… oh how i need this more…how i need Him more!!
    thank you my friend…i am going to visit more often…i’ve missed you….and maybe even begin writing again!!

    • Kerri! You’ve made my day. Thank you for gracing this space with your presence. I’ve missed you too. I hope we can reconnect in blogland soon!

  2. yes! i needed this today. i have been going and going and going… just sat down and read this and my heart said, “yes!” i think i need many times a day to steal away. 🙂

    • Me too, Ashley. Mornings are not the best parts of my day, but I’m striving to get there. You are too kind to speak so kindly about my writing. I appreciate you!

  3. Hi dear Barbie
    This is the crux of the gospel, my friend! That running to Him, into His Life, allowing Him to live His life in and through you. Christ in me, my hope of glory!
    Much love

  4. Love this! You know you had me at “abide”! I love that word and the images it conjures up – but so often I can fall for the lie that to abide will require hours set aside. Hours would be wonderful – and on rare occasions are – but it only takes a few minutes to settle yourself and turn your attention to Him. He is always here, ready to speak! Thanks for the reminder on this busy Monday morning, my friend!

    • It truly is an art, this abiding, that we continue to learn until the day when all we have to do is abide in His presence. Oh what a glorious day that will be.

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