Five Minute Friday: Bare — 32 Comments

  1. Dear sweet Barbie
    This is what makes you so special … your honesty and transparency. I nearly cried when I read your previous post! Please, don’t change!
    Much love

    • Oh friend, I cannot go back. I don’t like hiding, did it for so many years. Sometimes I write afraid, in fear of what people may think. But I know that I have a story to tell, as my life unfolds. I will continue to bare my soul and always strive to be honest and transparent. Love you Mia!

  2. Barbie – your words are so beautiful to read. And they encourage me mightily. Even if I stumble in the words that I choose to lay down, I know I am connected to this wonderful community all striving to do the very same thing, while we honor the One who gives us the words in the first place. I was so blessed by your writing today.

  3. i love the take you had on the word bare. i feel that same way so often when i write. many times i debate pushing the publish button because writing can be a window into the soul, and i don’t always know if i want my soul viewed by anyone on the internet. i love your writing style and how you are vulnerable and seek to find God’s hand in everything in life.

  4. Love this and love that you bare your soul to us. The words you write so lovely and true and what we all face in life. Thank you for listening to that pull on your heart to write, I know I have been blessed by your words.

  5. Me too, my friend for better or worse. We just must do it. He’s doing something in this Blog world…through words. I don’t understand it but so glad I am not alone in the journey. Keep on laying it bare. He so has us right where He wants us…Have a wonderful weekend.

    • And the ironic thing is after all is said and we leave this earth, should the Lord tarry HIs return, these words will still be here, read by many, to encourage their hearts along their journey. Gives me shudders to think about that!

  6. Yes! That’s exactly what we do! I love how you’ve described it because that is the draw. The need to share and be seen and relate and connect. All of it. The burden and blessing of our message. That He would get glory. Amen, sister! Love this write, friend.

  7. Well done. I can relate so much to your first paragraph. We do take a risk as writers, don’t we? But I am the same..I have the need to do it and keep coming back 🙂 Always a pleasure to connect with you on FMF.

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