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  1. Barbie – This reached right into my heart. These are words I will need to reread again and again to regain proper perspective as the daughter of The King who is loved. But forgets. Or is too ashamed to remember. I love how you write words. They are a blessing to me.

  2. What a comfort it is to be reminded that there is not a single thing that He doesn’t know about us and that he still loves us so deeply. He does just want our heart. Thank you for your beautiful post.
    In His Love,
    -Gilded Grace

  3. I want you to experience My love in it’s fullness. – Amazing how I can KNOW this, yet it is so hard to fully grasp it- that He calls me His Beloved… Thank you for the beautiful reminders here!

  4. Oh, how intimately He knows us and wants to know us! He wants to hear our thoughts and dreams, the ones we embrace during our alone time. I love how you so beautifully captured HIS desire for us. {sigh…}

    Thank you, sweet friend!

  5. Look at the way God ministers and speaks to you through your writing. Are you listening, my friend? Are you hearing His love for you? He does love you. And so do I. And so many others. You, friend, are so so loved. Don’t ever forget that. Let His light shine upon you. Give Him glory through your beautiful smile. 🙂

    • You, my friend, continue to pour out blessing upon blessing. Yes, God is speaking. I’m listening and soaking up every word. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Thank you for stopping by today, so that I could visit your blog and leave a comment. May God bless you and surround you with His favor.

  6. Barbie, this is so achingly beautiful.
    “Will you give me every empty place, everything that lies afraid in the darkness of your heart. For even those places I desire. For you are My Beloved, and My desire is for you!”
    That’s the cry of every human heart, isn’t it? To be truly known and loved. Only He can do it thoroughly, perfectly, absolutely.

    PS Are there any truffles left? I’m still hungry for some chocolate.

  7. I need a tissue. This is absolutely so beautiful. Thank you for sharing what God has put on your heart for you and that you faithfully share it. You are beautiful and real. I appreciate that. Thank you.

  8. “I want that part that tries to remain hidden in the dark corners, those places where you have swept the crumbs of your life, afraid that I would not have them. I want that part of you. ” and that is the amazing grace, love and truth of Jesus. All of us. He loves us to the uttermost. Beautiful Barbie. Grateful for you and praying for you…my friend and His beloved!

  9. Dearest Barbie
    Your words,”There is nothing you can withhold from me that I do not already know”, were the beginning of joyfull freedom to me! If I could discuss everything with my husband, why not so much more with my Beloved Lord. And when I did, all the shackles and chains fell off!
    Thanks for your openness; I could really connect!
    Much love

  10. I was literally moved to tears on this one (that is a first so far for FMF)! “For I long to take the broken pieces of your life and make you whole, my Beloved.” It speaks straight to the heart. Your words were a gift. I enjoyed! Thanks for sharing this today, as I have been going through a difficult season 🙂

  11. Ohhh, this is precious! How He does call us His beloved! Hard at times to wrap our minds around, but oooohhhh, He does! Thank you for writing so beautifully!

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