Speaking Mama’s Love Language: {Guest Post} — 22 Comments

  1. I’m not sure whether I’ve been over here before, so it’s been nice wandering over from your place. I’ve been thinking about this whole love language thing quite a bit as I’ve wrestled with how best to communicate love to my teenaged children. I’m wondering if it may have something to do with the frequency of times we say to one another, “You don’t appreciate me,” or “You just don’t understand.”

    A friend of mine pointed out the wisdom of considering understanding another’s love language by reminding me that God requires to come to him in ways he prescribed–not just in any old way that feels right to him. In other words, we are to love him according to his word–his love language.

  2. Ladies, this post is a double blessing, first, Elizabeth…oh honey your words are so beautifully descriptive and touching. You give us a glimpse of the sacred in our everyday. By the end of the post I was planning to make Pumpkin Bread for my Tiny Love, Ellie and deliver it to her…that dear friend is inspiration. Thank you.
    And second…oh how exciting to meet a NEW friend and visit her beautiful blog home! Barbie, I’m so happy to find you!

  3. The love language thing is so interesting. I do think a person tends to love others best in the way (s)he receives love best, also that there’s a whole lot of missing the boat in this. I’ve complicated matters further by having all these kids. I said to my husband the other day: remember how we determined that my primary love language was physical touch? Yeah, forget about that. I’m in the process of switching to acts of service. Now do some dishes, please. 🙂 Love you, Elizabeth. Great to see you, here.

  4. What a wonderful post, Elizabeth. I like cooking for people, too. For me, cooking is my art. I have no mad skills at drawing, or painting, or taking pictures, or writing, but I can cook. I love making food delicious and sharing with those I love. My love language is acts of kindness.

  5. Dear Elizabeth
    We have a saying in South Africa that the road to a person’s heart is through his stomach. This is a love language we know well in my country! I was just thinking this morning of the old Jewish custom where they only invite the people they care about a lot for a meal! Seems to me this is sort of an universal language to show your love and affirmation. Thanks Barbie for hosting Elizabeth.
    Blessings to you two

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