The Name Above All Names — 31 Comments

  1. When I read your story, a chill of remembrance ran up my spine. I had a similar experience shortly after I gave my life to Christ! The only thing I could do was call out the name of Jesus! There is true power in His name for those who believe! Thank you for sharing your experience! God is amazing!

    Blessings, Joan

    • I’ve me so many people that have experienced this. I’m so thankful that the darkness does not hide the light and that we can but whisper the name of Jesus and darkness must flee!

  2. Amen; Yes, Barbie…their is power in His Name to set free once from sin’s dominion, and again and again, as we learn to live as His Beloved…hugs to you 🙂 praying Aaron is better and you didn’t come down with the flu?

  3. Wow Barbie, my heart was just thumping as I read this post. It brought back all of the feelings of having that same presence overwhelm me in my sleep and Jesus’ name barely escaping my lips.

    There is no other name like Jesus!!


  4. Dear Barbie
    Yes, my friend the enemy will do everything in his power to draw us away from our Lord. I am so thankful that our Lord that is within us, is much greater than he who is in the world!
    Much love

  5. Ah yes, Jesus never disappoints Barbie. It can be a lonely walk at times. It can be difficult when those around you don’t understand. But I too have found Jesus to be so faithful. And He is so comforting when we run to Him.


  6. Amen, that is a beautiful truth…and a wow story. I try to remind my child to call out the name of Jesus in the night hours, when they’re afraid, and it’s something I do as well. His Name truly is strong and mighty to save.

    God bless your day.

    • I use to think that I had to pray a big, long, powerful prayer. But I have learned that sometimes all it takes is just one Word – JESUS!

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