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  1. Oh, Barbie, of course I do feel less-than-great at times! This would discourage me and sometimes bring me to a pitiful heap. But, yes, our faithful Savior raises me up and His Spirit whispers gentle assurances! Beautiful post!

  2. I’ve never linked up here before, but somehow, I found my way here through others that have. I’m glad I did. this momma is just starting out, with a four month old warrior-girl on my hip. I broke down in tears with my husband yesterday on the kitchen floor because I just didn’t feel like I was doing it right, this thing of motherhood, because everyone else has it together and I just don’t.

    this breathed life into a broken heart this morning. I cannot thank you enough.

  3. Beautiful Barbie, since I am not feeling so “great” today. I am just tired and feeling like a failure in all areas of my life. This was very similiar to the sermon this morning and I love what he said. When you fall short of the glory of God and you just don’t feel great Jesus doesn’t love you… any less. His love for us is always the same, so comforting.

    • Oh friend, you are not a failure. One of these days, we are going to get this, in the core of our very soul, that we are loved, accepted and desired just for who we are. We are beautiful, beloved daughters of the King of Kings. Oh how He loves us!

  4. Beautiful Barbie and I do have those days…I am going to keep this tucked in my heart and when I am having another one of those days I am going to remember this!! AHve a great weekend friend love you

  5. Thank you for this nice blog! I struggle with these feelings especially, after days full of worries, squabbles between children, and if I fail to my husband. Things pile up and make tired. Thats why I love your blog. Very good to read 🙂

  6. Dear Barbie
    One thing I have learned through my chronic illness, always having pain and exhaustion, is that these things don’t really matter unless our Lord wills and gives us the strength to do so. I cannot be any of those things physically, but I can still be here for them in our Lord! I can honestly say that my relationship with my husband and children has taken a new deeper level in our Lord Jesus and I had to learn to let them take care of me by doing the things that I cannot do anymore!.
    Much love

    • This makes the verse, “in our weakness, He is strong” come to light. When we have not the strength to be, or do, what we feel we should, He rises up in us with His strength and empowers us by His Spirit. Have a blessed week my friend.

  7. Friends, the enemy likes to trap us with lies and remind us of our shortcomings. But we serve a BIG GOD and He who lives in us is so much bigger than the lies he wants us to believe.

    this week was a frustrating week for me… so full of second guessing, and then I had to choose. choose to see the Him in me. great post Barbie… Happy almost Sunday.

  8. Hi Barbie,
    I sure do have days like those. Before I use to get so down but now I know that is just the enemies tactic to destroy God’s work that I do. Once we know how the enemy works, it is easy to see the web he weaves around us and even easier to disintegrate it with God’s Word.

    Blessings hon,

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