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  1. This song was amazing! Another like-hearted blogger posted this week and mentioned this word: confide. I soaked that up. I know I’ll be writing on it next weekend if not sooner. My longing is to confide in God — with all that means — I guess that is why my word for 2014 is “Draw Near.” Thank you for inviting me over and for this transparent post. Praying for you today: that all the heaviness becomes light as you curl up in His arms. These wordless moments — days — seasons — are part of a healthy life in Him. He uses every last drop of whatever we endure for His sake and ours — and in time, others. I love the translation of “Be still and know I am God” as “Cease striving and know that I am God.” I don’t know if any part of you is striving, but I often find I a comfort I need.

  2. Praying for you, Barbie! Praise God that He knows our hearts & how to comfort us. Love the photo — it’s a confirmation to me that I should write a blog post about a dream I had last night about a wedding. God bless.

  3. Hi Barbie, I know right? I often feel that way, too – weary, sad, and burdened. Just take your pleasurable rest – in the Lord. I pray He will lift them up before you know it :).

  4. Ah Barbie I continue to pray for you friend. Beautiful song. I’m glad you came by to accompany me on my virtual vacation. I think we both could use a real one but in the meantime it kind of helps to dream.

    Blessings and love,

    • Thank you Anita. I can’t seem to get onto your site because I am getting a warning about a phishing site. Can you send me a direct URL?

    • Thank you Dayle! I’ve been to your blog before and thankful to connect with you again. Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Brew.

  5. Barbie! Your post was beautiful without all the words that usually come so easily for you! I felt your heart! The song was beautiful! I will be praying for your strength to be renewed! You give so much out to others, may God bless you in your faithfulness to HIm!

  6. what i love about God, he planned for this. moments in our lives when we just don’t have words. and you know what He does for us, He groans for us… interceding for us what can not be uttered. now that is enough to give you comfort, joy, hope, because we don’t have to have words ALL the time. praying for you my friend, because i know you have seen my words and known my heart and prayed for me.

  7. It was a beautiful song of worship and surrender. Thank you for sharing, my friend. I pray that you will find refreshing and renewal for your soul. I pray that you will find the rest and the infilling of God’s Spirit that you crave. I also pray that His Words to you would flood your heart and mind so as to be your sustenance and peace. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    I love you!

  8. Barbie, I completely understand, but please know that you are being used for the glory of God and your talent for reaching people is so great. You have made a difference in my life. Bless you, my friend.

  9. Good morning dear Barbie. I wish I could just be there to give you a hug. I pray you will feel His joy bubble up within you my friend. I have no doubt that He is capturing your every tear and will pour out a harvest of joy in your life.

    Love you friend!

  10. Hi dear Barbie
    You have said so much with so little words, thank you! Yes, my friend, He hears all that quiet prayers in your heart and they usually means a lot to Him. Rest in His love, my friend!
    Much love

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